Jessa Duggar Showed Off A New Look That Goes Against Her Family’s Modest Dress Code

Jessa Duggar Showed Off A New Look That Goes Against Her Family's Modest Dress Code

Duggar family spoilers suggest that Jessa Duggar Seewald has once again chosen to rebel against her father’s strict rules. Jessa is starting to show a bit of skin, despite being brought up to be more modest. Will Jessa Duggar turn her back on her father’s rules altogether?

Now that Jessa is married, she is slowly moving away from her family’s rules and beliefs. Jessa is shocking fans of Counting On and the Duggar family by becoming less conservative and more stylish. Jessa has even recently checked into a local music shop. Naturally, most of the Duggar children are music lovers.

Fans were dismayed when Jessa Seewald recently stepped out with her husband Ben Seewald, wearing not only tight-fitting but also ripped jeans. Jessa seems to be changing with the times and isn’t shy about letting her family know it. Jessa’s tear around the knee certainly feels like a slap in the face to her father and family rules. Jessa Seewald is determined to live her life as she sees fit, including sending her children to public school.

Jessa Duggar Showed Off A New Look That Goes Against Her Family’s Modest Dress Code

The Duggar family has banned alcoholic beverages for their family. Jessa, however, has decided to drink from time to time. Jessa is certainly not as strict as her parents when it comes to her children’s participation in public events, nor is she as strict as her parents. Jessa recently allowed one of her sons to dance at a wedding that the family attended.

However, there is nothing wrong with allowing your child to learn these things when they are young. Jessa has no intention of forcing her children to live up to her parents’ strict standards. Jessa knows all too well how he, as an older brother, had to help raise the younger ones. Most fans may be shocked, but they are proud of Jessa for standing on her own.

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