Counting On Star Jinger Duggar Shares Family Picture On Instagram

Counting On Star Jinger Duggar Shares Family Picture On Instagram

Former Counting On star Jinger Duggar Vuolo gave fans a sneak peek at her oldest daughter, Felicity Nicole Vuolo. The proud mom showed fans just how big her baby girl has gotten. She certainly seems to be growing up fast.

While Jinger Duggar is very active on social media, she doesn’t always post pictures of the kids. She often shares updates as she explores Los Angeles, with her husband Jeremy. So, fans haven’t seen Felicity for a while.

Counting On Star Jinger Duggar Shares Family Picture On Instagram

Over the weekend, Jinger snapped a few photos of her husband, Jeremy, with their three-year-old daughter, Felicity. The couple also shares a one-year-old daughter, Evangeline, though they didn’t share any new photos of her in this post. They seem to have enjoyed visiting the beach in Los Angeles, California, which is where they live now. In one shot, Felicity runs towards her dad. In another photo, Jeremy is holding his daughter’s hand. The couple is also on the beach watching the waves together in another photo.

Note that these photos do not show Felicity’s face. The couple has decided to keep their children’s identities private. While Jinger’s childhood has been documented on TLC’s Counting On, they have decided that they do not want the same for their children.

In the comments section of Jinger Duggar’s new post, fans can’t stop talking about how much the little girl has grown recently. One fan writes, “Wow! Felicity is a big girl.” Another says, “She’s gotten so big.” Even more fans are leaving similar comments about how old Felicity looks now. Before fans know it, she will be celebrating her fourth birthday. There are a lot of big changes coming for the little girl as well.

Hopefully, Jinger Vuolo will share more updates about her children soon, while still maintaining their privacy. Fans love to hear about them, even when they can’t see their faces.

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