Counting On: Inside Austin Forsyth And Joy-Anna Duggar’s Departure From ‘Counting On’

Counting On: Inside Austin Forsyth And Joy-Anna Duggar’s Departure From ‘Counting On’

Counting On has lost another Duggar couple. Derick Dillard recently confirmed that his sister-in-law Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, are leaving the successful TLC reality show series. Their exit comes after the couple had a heartbreaking miscarriage last year. And there’s been a lot of speculation that Austin is the real reason why Joy-Anna Duggar seems to have left the family business.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin are not the first Duggars to leave the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar show. In 2017, Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, left after the couple started a feud with TLC and Jim Bob.

For the past year, Derick Dillard has continued the social media feud. As fans of Counting On know, Derick has made shocking claims against the Duggar Patriarch and the Network. This includes the idea that Jim Bob is checking the purse strings for everyone on the show and that Counting On is basically a rebranding of 19 Kids and Counting.

Derick Dillard says he’s working on a revelation about his time on the show and that the book will reveal the family’s dirtiest secrets.

Until then, Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar are doing their best to overcome the family drama. According to Newsweek, the former Counting On Stars are also thinking about leaving the country to focus on international missions, which has always been part of their goals.

“Our original plan, ever since our marriage, was to permanently serve on international missions in the field,” Derick Dillard shared. “So, yes, we’re definitely open to moving wherever God takes us.”

Counting On: Inside Austin Forsyth And Joy-Anna Duggar’s Departure From ‘Counting On’

With Jill and Derick no longer on the show, fans were surprised to learn that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth had apparently moved away as well. The two did not comment on the news of their release.

The departure came a year after Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth had a tragic miscarriage. In 2019, the couple revealed that they had lost their daughter and received overwhelming support on social media from fans in the midst of their heartbreak.

Since then, the two have been busy increasing their social media presence. In addition to offering fans regular updates on Instagram, the couple have their own YouTube channel and are working on overturning homes.

While Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth haven’t said anything about their exit from Counting On, fans have speculated that he is the real reason why they decided to abandon reality TV.

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  1. On counting on why is that Derek always butting his nose in the family’s business. He should kind of back away and let his wife make her own decision about the family that is her family. He just needs to live his own life and care about his on family and worried about his own business. Every time you hear about him negative consequence about her family get over it Derek

  2. Derrick Dillard, the way you’re being is not how God wants you to be since you were fired from the show, sounds like it’s all about money, money, money which is the root of all evil. Jill shame on you for allowing your husband to alienate you fromy our family. I know the Bible says you should leave your family and Cleave to your husband, but that’s so that you would go out and make your own family and to rely on each other in supporting yourselves & your children. You are to Honor your Parents at All Times. Hey Derrick, How about own up to what you said and apologize to Jazzmine? God put us on this earth to Love not Judge. Be the selfless Christian you have always claimed to be and stop with your vendetta against Jill’s Family and the show, what you said about Jazzmine and what you’re doing to your wife’s family is morally wrong It’s very unbecoming as a Christian. God said to turn the other cheek, to forgive, to help those less fortunate. How can you help and turn a blind eye to those less forunate & 4how they live their lives but you can’t when it comes to Jill’s Family. What would Jesus say to you today if you went to Heaven to meet him, Did you Honor his Commandments, Did you accept people for who they are and just showed unconditional Love without judging how they lived their life even if it wasn’t according to God word and your morals? Would he accept you into Heaven or would he Deny you entry because you didn’t follow his word either? Something to think about. Sin is Sin in God’s eyes none is bigger than the other all sin is equal, Love is the Greatest Gift you can give to all it’s Free and best of all it’s Unconditional exactly the way GOD LOVES ALL OF US, whether we follow his word or not we are all the same in God’s eyes. When you put conditions on how you Love then it’s not pure, not Godly, that’s Satan at work in your Heart. Speaking to you just like he spoke to Eve.

  3. Derek just do you and your family and quit whining about Jill’s family. You should work on grooming yourself and stop looking so nasty. When you first appeared on the show you took good care of yourself when it came to grooming, but you let yourself go and you look like a homeless man. Really, focus on yourself man and stop making waves with her family . If your so big into religion as you say you are then act like it
    Jill doesnt need the extra stress of you carrying on like a child, grow a set and get over yourself.

  4. Derek you need to shut your mouth and stop causing friction between Jill and her family. Nobody cares about your tantrum and tattling like a two year old when things don’t go your way. You were thrown off the show because you have issues with I am Jazz.
    If you’re so religious as you want people to believe then quit being a whiny punk and act right and focus on your own look like a homeless turd tweaked out turd. Good grief leave that family alone you douche.

  5. Derek you need to shut your mouth and tend to your own damn business. Stop causing friction between jill and her family. Focus on yourself especially on how to groom yourself cuz you are looking like a tweeked out turd.If you’re all about God as you say you are, then you need to act like it. You were thrown off the show because of I Am Jazz and running your mouth off about that. Now you’re finding other things to whine about. If you’re that bored get off your lazy a** and go get a real man’s job. You’re pathetic and I’m glad we don’t have to see your face on the show. Poor Jill..If i was here I’d have left your cry baby self long ago.

  6. U know what… Jill is doing what her parents brought her up to be… Follow ur husband… I know u’re not suppose to judge others but I don’t agree with other shows including Jazzmines show…….I’m sooo very happy and thrilled that Jill and Jinger have followed their own paths and away from the strict rules…. The next duggar wedding I would love to c is Jana’s….

  7. All these “Godly people” commenting on Derick when the really sinister person in all this is creepy Jim Bob…..I wouldn’t trust him to look after my spider plant, never mind children!

  8. I am so done with the entire Duggar family. Get them off. I I don’t watch none of them. I don’t care what they do either. So fake and greedy crappy family.

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