Counting On: Change Is In the Hair for Jinger

Counting On: Change Is In the Hair for Jinger

Counting On’s Jinger Duggar Vuolo is rapidly changing its appearance. Her husband Jeremy Vuolo has a lot to do with it. In fact, he says she wouldn’t really have had much of a sense of fashion and style without him. But Jinger didn’t take that as an insult. She agreed with him that he didn’t know much about fashion from the Duggar family.

Counting On: Change Is In the Hair for Jinger

Fans of Counting On have had a lot of fun watching Jinger Duggar and her siblings. Many people have watched them being born or growing up and now have their babies. The Duggars are part of the family for many people who love the show.

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen lately at Jinger Duggar is her hair. We all remember from Counting On the Smiling On the Smiling Jinger Duggar with curly, curly hair. They were dark and long and definitely had a lot of product. But now Jinger is changing things up, going from lightening her hair to cutting it pretty short.

One of the biggest influences for Jinger’s recent changes is her husband Jeremy. One of the videos showed Jinger from “Counting On coming back from getting her hair cut” and he was super excited to see what she looked like.

If you remember, Michelle had a makeover once. They cut her hair shorter than she thought. And they smoothed her hair. She looked much more modern and beautiful. But soon she was back to her old look. Some of the viewers on Counting On thought Michelle felt a little uncomfortable.

Other people watching Counting On think her husband Jim Bob doesn’t like change. Maybe she was looking for him to be too worldly. But we don’t know exactly what the parents think about the changes with Jinger. Rumor has it that her parents disowned Jinger when she moved to Los Angeles. But if they did, they’re working things out now and talking about the new season of Counting On.

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