Counting On: Fans Think Jinger Duggar ıs ‘glowing’ ın Her Recent Photo

Counting On: Fans Think Jinger Duggar ıs ‘glowing’ ın Her Recent Photo

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo prepare to welcome their second child every day. The couple announced their pregnancy in May, after revealing that they had had a miscarriage last year. Jinger recently posted a selfie next to her husband, and fans think she is “glowing” just one week before her due date.

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Jinger and Jeremy had something to be excited about: The couple announced at the end of May that they were expecting their second child, another daughter, in November.

Jinger and Jeremy waited more than a year after the marriage to start a family, which is unusual among the Duggars, and now they share daughter Felicity, who is two.

In the same series of maternity posts, Jinger Dugga also revealed that she and Vuolo had miscarried in the fall of 2019. The couple learned that they were pregnant, and the day after telling their families, Jinger woke up in discomfort and learned that they had lost the baby. The two were excited to announce to the fans that they were pregnant again, and they had kept silent about the miscarriage until their second pregnancy was announced.

Counting On: Fans Think Jinger Duggar ıs ‘glowing’ ın Her Recent Photo

Jinger Duggar posted several photos during her pregnancy, including photos of a photo shoot she and Jeremy Vuolo recently did with Felicity. But the couple posted a selfie on November 10, and fans thought Duggar’s close-up showed how much she glowed as she quickly approached her due date.

“You’ve got the pregnancy glow!” One user wrote on the couple’s image. “You’re glowing your beautiful blessed mommy,” said another person. “My favorite couple! You guys are amazing,” said another person.

Yet the critics of the show thought Jinger’s appearance suggested she wasn’t as happy as she looked. “Jinger looks like she’s crying all the time, just outside the camera,” someone wrote on Reddit. “Jinger never looks happy in pictures. She has a fake smile,” another user remarked. However, there’s nothing to confirm that Duggar isn’t as happy as she looks, beyond the fan speculation.

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