Counting On: Jana Duggar Keeps Things Running at Home

Counting On: Jana Duggar Keeps Things Running at Home

At least once throughout the season of Counting On, the production works the lack of Jana’s relationship to the TLC show. This time it was creative how they did it. In fact, they didn’t ask the question at all – they left it to the hairdresser.

In Counting On teasers, Jana Duggar was in the salon with her sister-in-law Abbie Duggar. The stylist was coloring Jana Duggar’s hair and asked her if she had a boyfriend or someone after her. And the stylist also said she was cute.

Despite the comments, Jana Duggar said no, she didn’t see anyone. This seemed to shock the lady who did her hair. And she said, “Okay. What’s wrong with you?” But it doesn’t seem like it was an insult, but more of a compliment that she couldn’t see that there was anything wrong with Counting On Superstar Jana.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Keeps Things Running at Home

Jana Duggar told the stylist that she wouldn’t mind having a boyfriend. But she quickly put the problem to bed. In a movie she said there is more to talk about than her relationship status. It seems Counting On star Jana Duggar has almost reached her limit.

Many Counting On fans think Jana Duggar should stay home to keep things running. In fact, there is a whole stay-at-home daughter movement. The basic idea of this movement is that you stay home and “serve your father” until you get married.

Anyway, it is clear that Jana does most of the planning around the house. And even sister-in-law Anna Duggar of Counting On threw shadow on matriarch Michelle Duggar’s buddy system. Anna said she wanted her children to have a childhood – possibly unlike Jana Duggar, who has always taken care of her siblings.


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