Counting On: What Did Jill Say About Drinking?

Counting On: What Did Jill Say About Drinking?

Jill Duggar speaks out about that pina colada photo and all the questions that followed.

During a recent date night, the former Counting On star revealed that she was actually drinking a real pina colada. Several of her followers were shocked to learn that she and Derick Dillard drink alcohol, while others praised her for living an authentic life.

Counting On: What Did Jill Say About Drinking?

In a question-and-answer session with Derick Dillard at her side, Jill Duggar accepted some frequently asked questions and the couple answered them for followers. She did this on YouTube, and at the time of writing the video has over 38,000 views.

She discussed their views on alcohol and both she and Derick revealed that the Bible makes it clear that drunkenness is sinful. Neither of them has come this far in their lives with alcohol, but they do take part in an occasional drink at dinner.

They also discussed that they wanted to be transparent with their followers. Living an authentic life is important to them and that’s why they made the YouTube video. Jill Duggar did acknowledge that some people feel more comfortable not having a drink, while others can easily join in without getting in over their heads.

Also in the video, Jill discussed the decision to send Israel Dillard to the public school. The couple thought about the options before choosing what to do. Derick Dillard grew up in the public school system while Jill Duggar received home schooling from her mother.

Derick had fun with Jill Duggar when he discussed introducing her to public school reading. It was more like an excavation for her parents because she became more mainstream than any other member of her immediate family. Amy Duggar King is her cousin and the two are incredibly close, so she probably had a hand in opening Jill’s eyes to more mainstream things as well.

There was a promise to come up with more videos of a similar format. Jill and Derick Dillard both get a lot of questions about social media and answering them in one place is useful for all fans to see and hear what they are saying without having to repeat themselves a few times.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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