Counting On: Jill And Derick Answered Questions From Fans.

Counting On: Jill And Derick Answered Questions From Fans.

Several hot topics were touched by Jill and Derick. They talked about their decision to send Israel Dillard to public school versus home schooling. They both did different things in terms of education, so they went for the best decision for both of them.

Derick Dillard briefly discussed his goals with the kind of justice he would like to practice. He is about helping those who are underrepresented and what he uses. Public service is also on his radar, but he wasn’t well informed about his plans for the future. This is his final year in law school, and Jill Duggar is focused on his success.

Of course, there was also talk about the pina colada. They touched on their opinions about drinking and being drunk and explained things in more detail than Jill had on social media. Counting On fans went crazy when she revealed it was a real drink. Having one is a lot different than drinking enough to turn you off.

Towards the end of the video, Derick Dillard seemingly threw shadow at Michelle Duggar by stinging fun at Jill Duggar. He said that they had recently seen To Kill a Mockingbird. Although that doesn’t seem too much out of the blue, he went on to say something about introducing his wife to the public school reading list.

As they grew up, Jill Duggar and her siblings were heavily shielded from the regular curriculum and only got to see what was approved by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. They did a lot of economic things in the house to prepare them for the future of housewives. Chores were assigned and buddy teams were created. While the traditional subjects were also studied, everything that was considered inappropriate was eliminated.

One of the nicest parts of the video was when Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard talked about which television programs and movies they were interested in. They showed that they were watching Matlock on DVD, which coincides with his passion for the law. The office was also on their list, which was a bit surprising given that part of the humour is mature.

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