Does Moriah Plath From ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Have Lip Fillers?

Does Moriah Plath From ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Have Lip Fillers?

Welcome to Plathville fans trying to determine what’s going on with Moriah Plath’s lips. After seeing a new photo of her, fans have a lot of questions. Until recently, fans didn’t think anything of the appearance of Moriah’s lips, but now they are wondering what has happened to them.

If you’ve been watching Welcome to Plathville, you’ll know that Moriah has been trying to find herself. The 19-year-old lived a very sheltered life as a child and teenager. Now that she no longer lives with her parents, she has experimented with her own style and tried to find herself.

Fans have seen Moriah Plath getting tattoos, dying her hair purple, wearing all kinds of clothes and more. Is she now making big changes to her look with lip fillers?

Does Moriah Plath From ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Have Lip Fillers?

On Reddit, a fan posted a recent photo of Moriah Plath and asked about her “lip filler”. They asked when she specifically got lip filler. In the photo above, Moriah Plath’s lips are from a few months ago when the show was filmed.

In the comments of Reddit’s post, fans are all talking about her appearance and trying to figure out what’s going on with her lips. Many believe that she has received lip fillers, although Moriah Plath has neither confirmed nor denied this.

At the moment, Moriah Plath hasn’t said if she has had any work done. Therefore, it is not possible to know for sure what is going on with her latest photos. However, some fans seem to be convinced that she has gotten lip fillers.

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