Who’s In The Cast Of ‘Welcome To Plathville‘ Season 4?

Who's In The Cast Of ‘Welcome To Plathville‘ Season 4?

Since the pilot of Welcome to Plathville aired in November 2019, viewers have watched how conservative-minded Kim and Barry Plath cope with the challenges of raising their nine children in today’s world. According to a TLC press release, the Georgia-based reality series averages more than one million viewers per episode. Just a few years before Counting On was cancelled and the Duggar family’s place on TLC was taken away, the Plath family made it to air.

Like Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, Kim and Barry Plath are choosy about who their family associates with and prefer to keep their circle small.

However, recent seasons show that some of their children have moved out and rebelled against their very conservative upbringing. With a lot of changes going on in the Plath family, from vibrant new hair colors to moving across the country, fans are excited that Welcome to Plathville will return for a fourth season, Variety reports. Viewers won’t have to wait much longer, as TLC announced that new episodes will be coming in the spring of 2022.

It looks like fans will be able to see their favourite members of the Plath family back on screen from 17 May. A TLC press release confirms that “Welcome to Plathville” Season 4 will premiere on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET. On March 31, the network hinted that the new season will include 12 episodes. 

The plot reportedly looks at how the Plath family foundation has become less conservative than in previous seasons. The five children are still at home, living by Kim and Barry’s strict rules, while the others learn to navigate adult life. In the new season, the four Plath children will live in new cities and explore romantic relationships, Variety reports. Amidst the complicated family dynamics, Screen Rant reports that the cast is likely to be more divided than ever in season four.

Who’s In The Cast Of ‘Welcome To Plathville‘ Season 4?

“According to a press release, the cast for season 4 of Welcome to Plathville will include the same members of the Plath family that fans have come to know on screen over the years. Kim and Barry have always been the foundation of the series, as their conservative and religious upbringing has been at the heart of the plotlines. The two are expected to return along with their older children Moriah, Micah and Ethan.

Season three ended with Ethan and his wife Olivia struggling in their relationship and relationship with their family. Viewers are waiting to see if their marriage has come out of this rocky period and can’t wait to see the couple return. Both Ethan and Olivia still have the hashtag “WelcomeToPlathville” in their Instagram bios.

According to a press release, it’s uncertain how much each family member will be involved in the new season, which is set to air May 17. However, in its Season 4 announcement, the broadcaster said that Ethan, Olivia and Moriah will be participating in the series “far from the family drama”, while “Micah is stretching his wings”. Preparing fans for the new drama, TLC also hinted that Kim will be questioning “their lifestyle and her choices overall” in the new season. 

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