Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath and Barry Plath’s Divorce Finalized?

Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath and Barry Plath’s Divorce Finalized?

Have ‘Welcome to Plathville’ stars Kim Plath and Barry Plath officially finalised their divorce after she was arrested last week? On their TLC show, the couple previously announced that they were going ahead with the divorce.

If you watched season 4 of ‘Welcome to Plathville’, you saw Kim Plath and Barry Plath’s marriage fall apart. She realized she didn’t want to be married to him anymore, and they decided to divorce. They started living apart and she started devoting a lot of time to her dance studio and personal life.

Near the end of the season, the couple officially announced that they were getting a divorce. However, fans found out a few months ago that Kim Plath and Barry Plath are not officially divorced yet. Has that changed?

In case you haven’t heard the news, about a week ago Kim Plath was arrested for drink driving. Her arrest was in response to an incident over the summer. According to the police report, Welcome to Plathville’s mother was found in a car in a ditch. She was then taken to hospital with minor injuries and given a blood alcohol test. The test came back a few months later and revealed that she was under the influence of alcohol. So a warrant was then issued for her arrest. Eventually he gave himself up and was released the same day.

After Kim Plath’s arrest, fans began to wonder if she and Barry Plath were already officially divorced. However, none of the Plaths have mentioned Kim’s arrest on social media. His children have continued to post as usual after his arrest.

Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath and Barry Plath’s Divorce Finalized?

InTouch confirms that Kim Plath and Barry Plath’s divorce has not yet been finalised. It is not clear what they will do or when they will officially divorce. Neither Kimi nor Barry use social media, and their kids, who are on Instagram, don’t talk about such things.

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