Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad had a tense counseling session with Pastor Cal

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad had a tense counseling session with Pastor Cal

In a couples counseling session with Pastor Cal, Derek admitted that he still had no strong feelings for his wife. Katie Conrad was even concerned that her husband felt like they were “roommates” rather than newlyweds.

“The main thing missing here is time,” Derek said, adding that he thought it would take him “at least six months or a year” to fall in love with Katie. This was not good for Katie, who feared that their relationship might not progress.

But the couple’s worries didn’t end there. Katie confessed that she was still wondering what could happen with a former flame, which almost made her cancel her marriage to Derek after he sent her a message proclaiming his love.

“Are you still attracted to that person?” Pastor Cal asked the star of First Sight, wondering if her ex might be a problem in her ability to commit to Derek. “Yes,” admitted Katie.

While Derek seemed to take the news in stride, he admitted he didn’t like having a “competitor” in his new marriage.

Others wondered if the ‘MAFS’ couple would make it after all

In addition to their concerns about Katie’s ex, some “Married at First Sight” fans thought Derek Sherman made a mistake in putting a timeline on his potential for falling in love.

One viewer pointed out that Derek admitted he had never been in love before, so his “timeline” didn’t make much sense.

“The Twitter user wrote, ‘What’s Derek talking about? “How could a person who has never been in love say it would take him “6 to 12 months” to fall in love with his wife?

One fan thought Derek had abruptly killed romance and mystery by giving love a deadline. “Derek Sherman broke the spell when he told Katie he wouldn’t feel love until the 6-month mark,” they claimed.

Another bystander was concerned that Katie and Derek seemed to come out of the “high” of infatuation so quickly. “Katie and Derek have gone from that honeymoon high to the sober reality of life coming at you so quickly,” they wrote. However, Derek and Katie may have more obstacles to marital happiness than they thought, making Decision Day a little more complicated.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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