Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad Told Derek Sherman She Was Going Her Keep Her Townhome

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad Told Derek Sherman She Was Going Her Keep Her Townhome

Katie Conrad told the TLC producers that she decided to keep her townhouse rather than throw herself into her new apartment and her new life with Derek Sherman. Her husband, she admitted, was unhappy with her decision.

“I made the decision to keep the townhouse where I live,” she said. “It didn’t go very well… He asked me why I was so disgusted to be with him, and I never used that word.”

The star of “The Married at First Sight” explained that Derek’s admission that he wouldn’t fall in love with her before Decision Day (at eight weeks of their marriage) made her afraid to try with him. “So should I put all my money on this?” she wondered. “And that scares me.”

Derek Sherman, meanwhile, shared his side of the story a few hours before the couple’s one-month anniversary dinner. “I don’t expect us to fall in love with each other before Decision Day,” he said.

But Derek still wanted to try to make it work,and Katie seemed to want to get away before Derek could break her heart. “He basically told me he was leaving, like, ‘I’m leaving right now,'” he said.

Katie Conrad added that Derek had put a curse on her at the end of the discussion,leaving her frustrated with him in general. “In the end Derek said ‘f***** you’ to me, which I didn’t like, and honestly I felt so unimportant,” she complained.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad And Derek Sherman Reconciled, But Tensions Still Ran High

The married couple at first sight finally apologized to each other, each recognizing their own role in the conflict.

“And you can’t say ‘f***** you’ to me when we have a difficult conversation,” Katie told her husband. “Then don’t tell me you’re leaving,” Derek said. “I didn’t say I was leaving until you said so,” Katie said.

After a moment, Derek Sherman admitted that the order of their statements didn’t matter much in the scheme of things. “I’m not trying to make a point,” he told his wife. “I’m sorry I said that to you.” Things are heating up.”

“I’m sorry I said I was leaving,” Katie confessed, adding that “obviously” she wasn’t leaving their marriage. However, while the couple settled things at that moment, their future was still unclear. Katie clearly still felt insecure about Derek’s feelings for her and his ability to fall in love in general, while Derek felt as if he hadn’t been given a chance to grow his feelings for his wife in a natural way.

Written by Emma Fisher

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  1. And another one bites the dust. They have Austin and Jessica. And they have Jessica and Austin but they are borrrrring to watch.

  2. I don’t really care for this season of Married At First Sight it seems like the people that were picked are not really into the marriage and don’t really want to work at trying to make it work.

  3. Katie should have never gone on the show. Her expectations are childish and unrealistic. She was not fully open to being married, at least not to Derrick. She is still hung up on her ex and probably still in contact with him. Finding fully adult folks who are willing to do the work and understand that love takes time is really difficult. Too many people want a fantasy. She could have allowed Derrick to find a true partner.

  4. My husband & I really like Austin & Jessica. It’s refreshing to watch them grow together and possibly falling in love, without all the drama. They are cute together and have fun times & most of the time we are laughing with them. We are sad for Katie & Dereck, because we were rooting for them. They appeared to really fit together, but Kaitie’s ex and her true feelings for him was obvious from the beginning. Meka was just a bit too bossy & actually changed her name right before she got married to Michael. Hmm, maybe they were never married?

  5. Is it just me or does anyone else remember Katie saying to Derek during one of their first discussions (I think it was in ther new apartment in their bedroom or at the dinner table): “no offense, but f*** you”?? Seems she did, yet now she is telling him don’t ever do that to me! She needs to get over herself, grow up and realize she chose to get married at first sight because she hasn’t yet found a man who would fall in love with her AND marry her in as little as 8 weeks (not to mention ever, apparently), including her ex. I didn’t hear her tell Pastor Cal that her ex asked her to marry him, only that finally he loves her. Good luck to Katie getting a ring out of him if she bails on Derek. Better that she hold on to Derek and stop trying to bully him into loving her – – if she will just relax and be her true self, maybe she will get what she wants.

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