Married at First Sight: Taylor Dunklin said Brandon Reid is demanding an apology from the ‘Married at First Sight’ producers.

Married at First Sight: Taylor Dunklin said Brandon Reid is demanding an apology from the 'Married at First Sight' producers.

Those who have watched Married at First Sight since it began in 2014 have seen their fair share of drama, but nothing has compared to the couples on Season 10. At the start of the tenth season, there seemed to be a lot of promise between the couples – there were five couples instead of the usual three to four of recent seasons, so the chances of people choosing to stay together was greater.

But, almost immediately after trading “I do’s” with a perfect stranger, many of the cast members began to get in the way of their own happiness.

First of all, Michael Watson and Meka Jones refused to stay in the same room on their honeymoon. Then Zach Justice chose not to move in with Mindy Shiben (and he finally decided to split up with her for the decision day of the finals). Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman struggled with their belief in falling in love.

Brandon Reid couldn’t open up to Taylor Dunklin because of the cameras and his total contempt for the show’s production team.

The only regular couple from Season 10 has been Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd, and even those two have had their differences.

Before the end of Season 10, Brandon Reid publicly filed a divorce from Taylor Dunklin, which was an unprecedented step in the show. After seeing how weak his relationship with the production of the show has been, it is now more clear than ever before why Brandon did his divorce this way.

On April 8, viewers will see more of Taylor’s struggle to decide whether or not to proceed with her marriage. In a video made exclusively by Distractify, Taylor Dunklin asks for advice from her friends, who all point out how immature they think Brandon Reid is.

Read on to find out what Taylor Dunklin said about Brandon Reid and a possible divorce in the clip, and to learn what her friends really think about her husband.

Married at First Sight: Taylor Dunklin said Brandon Reid is demanding an apology from the ‘Married at First Sight’ producers.

While many former participants on Married at First Sight have come together with their friends and family towards the end of the season to get some clarity about whether or not they should stay married on Decision Day, it’s safe to say that a conversation like Taylor’s has never happened before.

On Season 10, the rules of the show are really broken. First of all, although there are often (pretty accurate) spoilers about who stays together on the season and who splits, the couples themselves never revealed their relationship status before the finals. But Brandon Reid broke this rule when he filed for Taylor’s annulment in February 2020.

Brandon Reid also broke a reality show rule when he asked on April 1 to turn off his microphone and stop filming. When members of the production for the show told him that was not an option, Brandon chewed them out. He said he was done with the show.

In the exclusive clip, Taylor Dunklin sits down with four of her friends to discuss Brandon’s recent behavior, and to help decide if she should stay with him on Decision Day. What her friends have to say is surprising to say the least.

“He said that if the executive producers didn’t give him an apology, he wouldn’t come back to film,” Taylor tells her friends, to their dismay.

While Brandon Reid has struggled with the producers since the start of the show, this refusal to film is unknown territory on the show, especially since Taylor Dunklin has no problems filming. “He’s such a kid,” says one of Taylor’s friends. “He’s a six-year-old in a 30-year-old body and [he] doesn’t do s–t,” notes Taylor’s male friend.

While Taylor Dunklin can’t help nodding along with what her friends say, she’s also torn up with what she has to do. After all, she’s committed to marrying Brandon Reid without ever having met him, and she can’t help but wonder if things might be different when the pressure of being on camera is eliminated after the filming wraps.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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