Married at First Sight: Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice

Married at First Sight: Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love Mindy Shiben. She’s such a sweetheart, and I feel so sorry for her that she matched up with Zach.

Yeah, at “first glance” (to her) he was an image-prefect example of a man – “pretty perfect” were her exact words and she was super excited. She had probably never before dated a man who looked as good as Zach and felt like the happiest girl in the whole world.

I knew the moment I saw that they matched, that he wouldn’t be attracted to her and that this couple wouldn’t make it.

I think we can ignore the fact that Mindy Shiben ticked every box that Zach said he had to tick – because there was one very important thing that Zach left out when completing his questionnaire. He forgot to mention that he has a physical type.

Despite his constant nonsense about not being able to “find attraction”, we all know what he really means… he’s not physically attracted to her. She’s just not his type, and apparently – that IS the most important thing for him – when it comes to finding a woman.

I think this guy’s stupid as a rock. He can barely put two coherent sentences together. It’s probably why he wants to be with an “intelligent” woman. To make him look good.

I think Zach Justice is a narcissistic famewhore who’s definitely using this opportunity for some kind of unmasking. He’s probably trying to start his own business and thought this would be a great way to get famous – and get customers.

I wasn’t so surprised that Zach Justice chose not to move to the new apartment with Mindy Shiben. He decided it wouldn’t work out with this union.

Even after his little talk with Reverend Cal, it didn’t seem like he would follow the advice he was given to move in and take the time to get to know her. He got his 15 minutes of fame and now he’s ready to bow.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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  1. Seriousely!!
    Zach has become a dick, who thinks he all that who is becoming less and less attractive everytime I see him. Mindy is extremely pretty! I just don’t understand why she doesn’t switch it and say I’m not into only looks and your personality which is all about yourself isn’t attractive to me.

  2. I think it’s fair to say physical attraction is an important factor for any couple and the one area on which the “experts” must gamble. Even offering a “type” doesn’t guarentee attraction.

  3. I could not have said any better. I believe you are right about Zach. He said and did everything that he thought that would get him on the show. He never wanted marriage. He has a type all right. Mindy is both too mature for him as well as too Intelligent. I feel so bad for her. She is no ugly duckling. No way but I’m worried his constant “I’m not attracted to you” will cause damage to her feeling of worth and beauty. Although she is really too smart to buy into that superficial BS he spews.

  4. Zach is the definition of an arrogant Asshole, he thinks love comes the physical appearance not what is inside the heart. I think he is only on the show for a modeling career of some type but his personality makes him the ugliest person I’ve ever seen. He definitely lied to the producers about wanting to find love ,he has made no attempt to see where things cld go on a deeper more personal level putting looks aside. Just so you know you might think your all that but I side your the ugliest a man can get and that makes me sick to even look your way. Your not all that buttercup!! Mindy deserves some1 much better. Beauty comes from within. Zach you have neither inside nor out!! Send his arrogant ASS home!!

  5. Wow, what a rude article. Did you see the way Mindy looked the first 5 days Zach saw her out of her wedding dress? It’s so easy to say it’s his fault and he’s like all the rest. But in actuality; as women we are supposed to put an effort into our physical appearance. Mindy was running around Panama on day two in a 1984 windbreaker that didn’t fit her with some nasty ass work out pants while sweating around the island. She’s disgusting and stated that Hygiene is NOT a priority to her. So here comes this HOTTIE and he’s like grossed out by this nasty bitch.. get a grip
    Keep yourself together and love is not so hard
    To find.

  6. Zach is not attracted to Mindy. She seems like a great person, nice successful..but you can not force someone to like you. Big turn-off could have been after the long plane ride to honeymoon destination Mindy gets into bed with the same clothes she arrived. In!! Which were sloppy and ill fitting. I just don’t see her as Zachs type. she has a different look which to some could be attractive.

    • I DO remember her saying she wasn’t going to shower. and I thought ‘ WHAT? Don’t climb into MY bed ……..EEEEuuuu.

  7. I think since he isn’t willing to try and that includes moving into the apartment that he shouldn’t even be filmed at all. He is only in this for the game so stop putting him in front of the camera.

  8. He looks like a very short, pompous fool. He looks like he is about 5” tall. If he had a personality the height would not matter. I don’t see anything real about him. Hair is loaded with mouse, teeth look fake. He is a loser.

  9. I agree with Angela Bently. What Mindy wasn’t attracted to Zach the knot would be okay because for some reason it’s okay for women to not be attracted to men but we don’t call them gay but if a man isn’t attracted to a lady then you guys call him gay. I don’t see absolutely nothing wrong with him first thing he is not attracted to her. As the other lady mentioned Mindy looks very nasty, she looks like she probably doesn’t trim or clean herself down there , she is wearing grungy looking clothes. How could he be attracted to her and she needs to go and have her teeth filed down or something a little bit to where she could actually close her mouth
    I think that he was actually being nicer than he even needed to he he was complimenting her and everything even if it wasn’t true I mean she has issues she needs to go shower and clean herself up. They need to give him sexy lady then they will hit it off. Mindy needs to be with a 80 yr old man or something. She is boring .

  10. Zach is horrible for not being truthful. The first days of this challenge are important, and on the honeymoon, when they came in and Mindy decided not toke a bath before bed. I knew it was over. Cleanliness is important, especially to a man like Zach. But you dont want to give a man ( your new husband) that vibe. Very nasty.

  11. Saddens me that Zach is so shallow. I agree with some of the other comments that he is in it for the wrong reasons. Look at me with my shirt off! Another narcissist! Mindy seems so sweet and willing to bend and do what it takes. Hope that some wonderful man will sweep her off her feet and gives her what she deserves. Love and respect!

  12. Zach is the true definition of a jerk off and an attention whore he’s not hot at all it’s clear Mindy is way more mature than Zack can handle.

  13. Mindy seems so much more mature than Zach.. I think Zack likes ‘Babes’ and Mindy isn’t a ‘Babe- but an attractive mature woman. Too intellectual for him. She is not flirty in a playful mood in any of her actions. More like a corporate head conducting a meeting. Definitely mis matched.

  14. Zach has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it wouldn’t have mattered if he was matched with a “babe” or America’s Next Top Model. They actually do not have a type, hence Mindy’s friend he was “talking to” (more like flirting with) behind her back looked older and not a model and yet he was in a “friendship” with her and in a “marriage” with Mindy. Narcissists have a harem of women at all times because they need the constant “Narcissistic Supply” (attention/adoration/ego stroking/sex) from many people at all times. They lack empathy and are incapable of love except loving themselves.

  15. Zack is the ugliest guy I’ve ever seen! His insides are ugly which makes his outside ugly! What a f- I g dick!

  16. I know I am late to the party here, just now watching the show. Here’s my 2 cents worth. Zach is an asshole. He wants someone to be his mirror 🪞, tell him how “good looking ” he is…except, his shitty personality and sub-par intelligence makes him ugly. I believe the only reason he signed up was for exposure.
    Mindy is a sweet and beautiful woman. She deserves so much better. Cannot believe the powers that be totally missed this fraud and jerk!!!!

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