Married at First Sight: One Season 10 preview suggested Mindy Shiben’s friend had a dirty secret

Married at First Sight: One Season 10 preview suggested Mindy Shiben’s friend had a dirty secret

Mindy Shiben attended her expertly arranged marriage to a stranger in Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10 with much hope. The 34-year-old figure skating coach said she hoped to find something “magical” with her new partner, especially after a recent miscarriage and the tragic death of her younger sister from an overdose just a year earlier.

When Mindy Shiben met personal trainer and fitness model Zach Justice Justice, she seemed immediately in love. But while Zach’s marriage vows to Mindy impressed fans, the new couple immediately seemed to fall apart. Zach told his new wife that he wasn’t physically attracted to her, leaving her feeling lost and lonely on their honeymoon in Panama.

According to spoilers on the popular @mafsfan fan page of First Sight Instagram, Zach Justice and Mindy’s marriage could face even more obstacles as Season 10 continues. A phone call from Mindy Shiben’s friend may leave her wondering if her new husband has been faithful.

Married at First Sight: One Season 10 preview suggested Mindy Shiben’s friend had a dirty secret

The owner of @mafsfan shared a preview clip that would have involved Mindy’s friend, Lindsay, confessing a potentially questionable friendship with Zach Justice.

In the clip, the star of “Married at First Sight” seemed impressed, while Lindsay, who attended her wedding, hinted at a secret she had kept from her new bride. “I’m mad at myself for this, and I’m ready to tell her the truth,” Mindy’s friend said on the phone call.

Mindy told the producers at Lifetime that she thought something suspicious was going on. “Someone’s lying here,” she said. “Or one of my best friends, or my husband.”

The ‘Married at First Sight’ fan page reported that Mindy Shiben accused her husband of an ‘emotional affair’

Married to First Sight Fan revealed that the reports suggested that Lindsay was talking to Zach Justice in private, presumably in an attempt to help him communicate with Mindy more effectively. But along the way, things may have gotten out of hand between the two of them.

“Presumably… it will turn out Mindy’s friend Lindsay… started talking to Zach at some point,” @mafsfan wrote in a spoiler of the Instagram story.

The blogger made it clear that Zach Justice and Mindy’s friend didn’t seem to be having a physical relationship, but still shaken the married bride’s confidence in First Sight in her new husband. “Zach denies it, of course,” they wrote. “There is no indication the two had a physical relationship.

In another post, they added, “Mindy Shiben and the experts accused Zach Justice of having an emotional relationship with Lindsay.”

Written by Ashley Bennett

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  1. Zach is a conceited pig and is not nearly as hot as he thinks he is. He wanted to do MAFS to be on tv. Mindy is much better than he is in every possible way. She can do sooooo much better than him

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