Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman told Katie Conrad he wasn’t ready to fall in love

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman told Katie Conrad he wasn’t ready to fall in love

During Katie and Derek’s conjugal counseling session, Derek Sherman admitted that he felt like they had flattened in terms of romance, at least for the moment.

After the honeymoon in Panama, he explained, they felt a little disappointed. For me, I realize that the main thing missing here is time,” said the star of “Married at First Sight” to Pastor Cal. “I want this to work. I’ll do everything I can to see what happens here. But I don’t think I could feel love for at least six months or a year.”

Katie Conrad seemed distraught when Derek shared his potential love line. “It scares me that Derek doesn’t know if he’s willing to fall in love with me,” she told the producers of Lifetime. “I got married at first sight to fall in love and be in love.” She admitted that hearing Derek Sherman’s confession “hurts” and that she hoped things would change as they went along.

Katie Conrad began to cry as she described the impact her breakup had still had on her, even though she had decided to commit to Derek.

“It hurt when it happened,” she revealed. “It hurt me to be told by someone that I was waiting, you know, months and months to feel what I felt to tell me that they felt it, and even though I’m glad I made this decision, because I don’t want to be with someone who did this to me. But at the same time, yeah, it still hurts. I haven’t had a lot of time to process the healing, so in a way I still am”.

Derek Sherman tried to understand Katie’s feelings, but he admitted that her admission made her feel like she had “competition” in her marriage.

“It’s about the fact that there are still persistent feelings, because I’m getting into this like a kind of clean slate,” he told the producers of Lifetime. “I don’t think I should feel like I have a competitor in a marriage.”

While Derek Sherman was obviously concerned about Katie Conrad’s revelation, the married couple at First Sight had a heart-to-heart encounter that seemed to ease some of Derek’s worst fears. “There’s no communication,” Katie told him about her ex. “Zero.”

Derek Sherman seemed relieved to know that Katie Conrad was still not in contact with the ex in question. Even though the problem was still unresolved, Katie Conrad assured Derek that she was willing to make any effort to make their marriage work.

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