Little People, Big World’s Roloff is planning to remarry some day

Little People, Big World's Roloff is planning to remarry some day

Marriage isn’t for everyone; just look at Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, perhaps the coolest couple in Hollywood for decades and still without rings to “prove” their love. Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff seems to take a leaf out of their book, despite having sent fans into a tizzy by recently writing, “It’s official!” on Instagram.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, Matt Roloff was actually referring to the upcoming season’s hit show, which falls March 31st. He and the rest of the cast have been filming for over six months, but the fans only have to wait a few more weeks to see what they’ve done. And what about another walk down the aisle for Roloff? He’s waiting for a proposal to girlfriend Caryn Chandler for a nice reason about his ex-wife, Amy.

Little People, Big World’s Roloff is planning to remarry some day

One of Matt Roloff’s thousands of followers complained after being convinced of his impending wedding by the post that they thought they were “getting a new Mrs. Roloff.” “Lol Lol,” replied the reality star, explaining, “Well that’s coming down, I hope… We don’t want to step on Amy and Chris’ excitement – but you never know what might happen next!” For everyone who is worried that he is not moving fast enough, Matt Roloff remarked, “For the time being @carynchandler1 and I have a very happy and our very best life together…enjoying our children and my grandchildren. A wonderful season of life!”

Roloff’s paramor, Caryn Chandler, previously worked as a farm manager at Roloff Farms. His ex-wife, Amy, took some time to get used to the new arrangement when they made things official, but the group has moved on ever since. She and Marek got engaged last September, with Matt Roloff gushing at her Instagram Story (via In Touch): “I was so surprised. So shocked. I am so, so happy. He’s a great guy. I love him to death. And I’m so looking forward to this new journey of ours.”

People exclusively unveiled the trailer for the new season of Little People, Big World, which will follow the Matt Roloffs after the divorce. “My goal is to eventually marry Caryn.” Matt reveals in a scene, while his lady later confirms, “I’m here for the long term”.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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  1. You can’t blame matt in all reality. He tried to make this relationship work with Amy…the house was a pig pen asst all times…she used to be mean as hell to him…rude wouldn’t let him speak didn’t care what he had to say… go back and re- watch the episodes used to beg her to please please clean the house…she didn’t do s***…if social services ever came into that house they would have pulled the kids…0 now all of a sudden the kids are out and the house and its immaculate cuz she’s got a new boyfriend.

  2. I agree with Lacey. I have been a fan if the show for many years. I watched the way Amy treated him belittling him , talking down to him. Shooting every idea he had down then when it succeeded reaping all the benefits it produced. A horrible housekeeper who refused to keep that beautiful home looking decent. She even turned down his advances of affection. He just got tired of the Abuse.

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