OutDaughtered Adam Primps Like A Girl

OutDaughtered Adam Primps Like a Girl

OutDaughtered’s Adam isn’t afraid to get a little wild. And this time it’s all caught on camera. This girl’s dad shows off some of his feminine side and has a little fun with his girls.

OutDaughtered Adam Primps Like a Girl

In one of the early episodes of OutDaughtered, we learn that Adam Busby is serious about his hair. When his mother-in-law, Mimi Theriot, moved in with them, it didn’t go well when she took his hair dryer with her. In fact, it was one of Adam’s biggest complaints when Mimi came to live with them.

Even Danielle Busby, the wife of the out daughter, said that she never touched Adam Busby’s hair. He takes his morning blowout very seriously. And if Adam can’t do a blowout, he has to wear a hat that day. But despite how serious he is about his hair, he recently gave Ava a bit of a makeover. She put some hair ties in his hair and he immediately grabbed a hat and put it over his hair.

As expected, Adam of OutDaughtered knows how to take care of his hair, and with six little girls, it will come in handy, I’m sure.

OutDaughtered star Adam shared that he had a girl’s dad moment. Not only that, but he couldn’t get the nail polish off of his nails before he had to run an errand. He said this was one of the times he was glad he walked into the store with a mask on.

His advice is to be a dad who dives into girlishness. And have fun with your daughters. I remember Uncle Adam and Dale doing this at a special birthday party sleepover for Blakey Busby. Danielle Busby from the TV series “OutDaughtered” said that Adam was okay with wearing makeup.

If you have that many little girls, if you don’t wear makeup and polish at some point, something is up.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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