OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Gets Pummeled With Questions

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Gets Pummeled With Questions

Adam Busby took to his Instagram Stories to tell OutDaughtered fans that Hazel Busby has a new friend. He kicked off the short video clip by asking fans if they wanted to meet Hazel’s new friend. Apparently, she took a bit of a Toy Story approach and created a new friend for herself.

Hazel Busby was happy to show her daddy her new friend. It turned out he had a balloon with a cute face drawn on it. When Adam started asking about his new friend, Hazel revealed that she decided to name her new friend Ally.

As Hazel Busby continued to talk about her new friend, it seemed that she didn’t create her. Towards the end of the clip, she seemed to reveal that it was her sister Parker who drew the face on the balloon for her.

Riley Busby joins the conversation before the video clip ends. She wonders why her sister made a friend out of a balloon. She wasn’t too sure about Hazel Busby’s new friend. But she seemed to accept and support her sister.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Gets Pummeled With Questions

After meeting Hazel Busby’s new friend, the video undergoes a change. It becomes Riley Busby’s show. Adam Busby added a funny sticker to the video that pokes fun at the fact that Riley kept asking him a series of “why” questions.

As OutDaughtered fans know, Riley is definitely the most curious of the bunch. We reported a while back that the little quint was so intrigued by a ceiling fan that was still in a box not too long ago. Danielle Busby recorded a short video of Riley Busby asking all sorts of questions while trying to figure out the ceiling fan.

Some fans consider Riley Busby to be the oldest of the wings because she technically skipped a class and was a year ahead of her sisters for a while. Because of the pandemic, she wasn’t able to finish the school year. And her parents decided to let her repeat the year with her sisters. Unsurprisingly, her parents received some heat for this: fans believed they were holding back Riley’s greatness.

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