OutDaughtered: Inappropriate Toys

OutDaughtered: Inappropriate Toys

OutDaughtered fans were horrified and disgusted when Danielle Busby took to Instagram to show off the girls’ new toys. Fans were quick to take to the comments to note how “inappropriate” the new toys were. Some admitted that they couldn’t believe such a healthy couple could be in favor of these inappropriate toys.

The OutDaughtered mom posted a series of commercial-style videos promoting the LOL Surprise Movie Magic toy set on her Instagram Stories this weekend. The video clip revealed that the playset was so massive that it was easy for all of her girls to enjoy it at the same time. She discussed some of the features and showed off a few different items that came with the toy set. Danielle Busby noted that fans could pick up this playset at any retail store with a toy section. Depending on where you purchase it, the playset currently sells for about $100.

Danielle Busby made it clear on her Instagram Stories and in her profile post that this was an advertisement for the product. Thus, OutDaughtered fans assumed that the company sent her and Adam Busby the $100 playset for free.

Some fans also speculate that the couple may have been paid to promote the product because of their huge following. Having so many children, Adam Busby and Danielle Busby probably get approached by all kinds of companies hoping to give the girls free products in exchange for some free publicity. Given how expensive and popular LOL Dolls are…. It’s not too surprising that Danielle and Adam Busby jumped at the chance.

OutDaughtered: Inappropriate Toys

Adam and Danielle Busby are known to be healthy and faithful. They are very open about their religion. LOL dolls are pretty controversial toys. They have gotten a lot of heat on social media because of the way the dolls are dressed.

Also, some LOL Dolls have hidden details that appear when they are submerged in water. These details can include undergarments, skimpy outfits, and tattoos.

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