OutDaughtered: The Busbys Like To Get Their Scare On

OutDaughtered: The Busbys Like To Get Their Scare On

Family reality series are still big business in the entertainment world, and with good reason: they offer viewers a glimpse into life in households that are a little less typical than the ordinary. One such family is the Busbys, made famous in the TLC series Outdaughtered

The Houston-based family was a household of record even before TV fame: in addition to their 10-year-old daughter Blayke Busby, Adam Busby and Danielle Busby are the parents of America’s first girl set of quintuplets. Since 2016, the Busby’s have shared the fun, milestones and challenges of raising an active girls’ household.

One common factor in true-life series about grandfamilies is their faith. The Busbys, like the Duggars, Bates and Plaths, are Christians who proudly live their faith. So fans might wonder if the Outdaughtered family follows exactly the same practices as other TLC families, especially when it comes to one particular holiday. Some Christians choose not to celebrate Halloween because it is associated with supernatural and evil characters. The Duggars are one of them: Rather than decorating with zombies or going trick-or-treating, they focus on the joys of autumn by picking pumpkins and visiting corn mazes. In a similar vein, the Bates family saves their costumes for their version of Valentine’s Day, which they call “I Love You Day.” .

A week before Halloween, Danielle posted a picture on her Instagram account proving that their family is in full swing for the holidays. Giant spiders, webs and skeletons join pumpkins and mummies at their front door. Danielle Busby confessed under the caption that she was never interested in scary decor until she got married and had kids; now it’s a big deal in their house.

Last year, Danielle Busby posted a fun photo of the family dressed up for the holidays. While the elder Busby, Blayke, and the three of the quints were dressed as a vampire, a witch, a skeleton, and a spooky clown, the other two went off theme and went as a princess and a unicorn. (Six out of eight ain’t bad.)

Not all fans are thrilled with Busby’s Halloween celebrations. When Danielle Busby recently attended a mum’s event where everyone wore witch hats, one follower worried it was un-Christian (via Instagram).

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