The Unexpected Return of TLC’s OutDaughtered – What You Need to Know

The Unexpected Return of TLC’s OutDaughtered - What You Need to Know

Get the scoop on the surprise return of TLC’s OutDaughtered! Find out what the Busby family had to say about the unexpected release date and the changes ahead in the series.

TLC’s popular show OutDaughtered, featuring the charming Busby family, is set to make a surprise comeback this summer. Adam Busby and Danielle Busby, along with their six children, have left fans in suspense over the past year, uncertain if the show would return at all. Now, with a release date set for July 11, we’re breaking down all the details you need to know about the upcoming season.

OutDaughtered: The Busby’s Unanticipated Return

Danielle Busby recently stirred up worry among the show’s loyal followers when she remained vague about the series’ return during a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories. Her answers of “maybe” and “one day” left fans fearing that the show was over for good. However, days later, TLC quashed those fears by unexpectedly dropping the trailer for the new season.

Adam Busby clarified the family’s ambiguity about the show’s return in a lengthy video on his YouTube channel. In the 30-minute video, he explained that they truly did not know when the series would premiere again, as TLC had kept the date a secret even from them.

OutDaughtered: A Yearlong Hiatus Turns Into a Surprise Return

This time last year, the OutDaughtered family announced they were taking a hiatus from filming. They discussed their exhaustion from six years of production and the added strain of filming during the COVID-19 pandemic. Danielle even declared they were “done” with the show, leaving their future with TLC uncertain.

Yet, in a surprising turn of events, the Busby family revealed their unexpected return to the small screen. The couple touched upon a divine influence in their decision to continue filming, emphasizing their commitment to providing entertaining family content.

OutDaughtered: Changes in the Upcoming Season

While the Busby family mentioned their intent not to “push their religion” in the show, fans are left wondering if other high-profile show cancellations influenced this decision. The termination of series featuring the Bates, Duggars, and Willis families may have sparked a change in the way OutDaughtered plans to present itself going forward.

Adam Busby echoed this sentiment, agreeing that OutDaughtered should focus on their family’s unique dynamics and the entertaining stories that arise from daily life.

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