OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Hides In The Corner

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Hides In The Corner

OutDaughtered mom Danielle Busby has been suffering from a mysterious illness. Despite the doctors’ best efforts, the family is still trying to find out what happened to Blayke’s mother.

Despite a series of tests and procedures, the Busbys still don’t know what’s really going on inside Danielle Busby’s body. Still, the couple are trying their best to find answers. That’s why they had a few more tests and scans. As she was quite anxious before the procedures, Danielle Busby was given some medication.

Busby’s mother underwent yet another procedure to find out what her mysterious illness was. The mystery of this illness must be hard for the family to bear. Previously, Danielle Busby had expressed that the intensity of the pain is unbearable and excruciating.

Previously, it was even thought that it might be a heart condition, which turned out to be false after some tests. The mother of the popular reality series is increasingly anxious to find out the secret of her body. As a result, she often gets nervous before going for procedures.

However, for her third visit to have some scans and tests, she was given ‘PrepDrugs’. In an Instagram story, Danielle Busby revealed that she had #valume [possibly “valium”] used to treat anxiety.

Well, the mother of six expected to be “calm and relaxed” after taking the drugs. While the prepDrug certainly did its job, it also enlivened the extremely chatty Danielle Busby. As the couple sat in their car after the procedure, she uploaded stories galore, talking about all sorts of things. Fans could tell OutDaughtered-celebrity was at quite a high.

OutDaughtered Danielle Busby Hides In The Corner

Danielle Busby hasn’t mentioned what procedure or tests she has had done, but gave her fans an insight into the outfit she wore. She uploaded a story of herself in a very oversized hospital gown, which was apparently a “One Size”.

Later, after the visit, Busby went to a couple of local restaurants for brunch. OutDaughtered’s mom uploaded a picture on her Instagram wearing sunglasses. In the caption, the TLC star mentioned, “Hiding in the corner,” presumably so people wouldn’t recognize him. She also refers to herself as a “cool mom” and fans can’t help but agree.

Danielle Busby later uploaded another series of Instagram stories. As you can see, PrepDrug had quite a long-lasting effect, which was visible in the chatty version of the mother of six. Among other things, she discusses a number of things, including their upcoming holiday and the redecoration of her daughter Riley’s room. Well, given that the family’s mood has been a little tense due to the mother’s health, the PrepDrights effect provided them all with a rather funny side.

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