OutDaughtered: A Big Project For Adam

OutDaughtered: A Big Project For Adam

The production team of TLC’s OutDaughtered will use Adam Busby’s garage when filming for the show. As you can imagine, they keep a lot of stuff there. In fact, they might even use it as a field office when they’re filming what’s going on in the house and garden.

At the end of the current season, Adam took to Instagram and announced to his fans that he was starting a new project there. However, it might take him a long time to complete the massive undertaking.

We recall that the Busby family lived in another house, but it became full of dangerous mold. During the season the drama aired, the family moved out very quickly. Eventually, the bedbugs got sick. After chaotic days staying elsewhere, the family found a home to rent. In fact, it looked quite nice, and included a swimming pool. However, the fans were worried that the children might fall in and drown, as it was not enclosed by a fence. The old house took a long time to renovate and Adam upgraded months later.

Adam, the father of TLC OutDaughtered, seemed very happy with the renovated home. So fans wondered if they would move back in.

However, news came out that they put it on the market and bought their temporary home. Since then, the family did extensive work on the new home. Completely rebuilt, it now looks really nice. However, photos revealed that the builders were using the garage. Between the production team, the renovation and the quick move, the garage looks untidy and in need of a major overhaul.

OutDaughtered: A Big Project For Adam

On April 14, the father of TLC OutDaughtered took to his Instagram Stories and explained that the production team is using the garage, so there’s no room to clean up. In fact, apparently a lot of production people use it. After all, IMDb reminds viewers that it takes so long to make a show.

Sound equipment, cameras and other stuff could easily fill a room. Plus, when they first moved in, they were in a hurry, so a lot of their own stuff just ended up in there. So Adam Busby said he’s sorting through everything now and hopes to tidy it up. It needs cupboards, shelves and organising, so it sounds like a big project.

The father of TLC OutDaughtered could take a very long time to complete his project. He’s constantly finding all sorts of things in boxes. For example, he found some beautiful records in the NICU. Each one had the name of fifteen of them and their weight. He liked them very much and thinks they should be a legacy.

But there’s really nowhere to put them. So he keeps them in storage. In the meantime, there are other distractions. He found a partially finished Ghostbusters Lego. So Blayke and the family set about building it. Uh Oh! Looks like Adam might be prioritizing working on it over completing his cleaning project.

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