OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby, Mother of Six and Reality TV Star, Conquers Empire State Building with Stunning Handstand!

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby, Mother of Six and Reality TV Star, Conquers Empire State Building with Stunning Handstand!

Star of popular reality TV show OutDaughtered, Danielle Busby, not only juggles her responsibilities as a mother to six beautiful girls and a successful entrepreneur but she’s also taken her talents to new heights, literally. The awe-inspiring matriarch recently flaunted a remarkable display of physical strength and balance – a perfect handstand at an astounding height of 1,250 feet!

Despite grappling with an autoimmune disease that often interferes with everyday bodily movement, Danielle Busby has proved time and again that she is no ordinary woman. This time around, she’s stunned fans with a dramatic spectacle from the top of the Empire State Building, proving that she is indeed, extraordinary.

Danielle Busby’s impressive feat was performed during a combined family and work trip to New York City, and she took to her Instagram account to share this astounding moment with her followers. The surreal picture showed Danielle performing a handstand, seemingly effortlessly, on the observatory deck of the iconic skyscraper, under the watchful and amazed gaze of her daughter Parker.

Handstand at 1,250 Feet – A New Addition to the “I Was Here Handstand” Collection
The picture, which now sits proudly in Danielle’s “I was here handstand” collection, is more than just a testament to her amazing physical prowess. It’s a poignant depiction of her strength and resilience, serving as an inspiration to her many followers and fans.

Danielle Busby captioned the stunning picture with words that encapsulated her exhilaration and pride. She wrote about the thrill of performing the handstand at such an incredible height, and about the unforgettable experience of sharing the moment with her family.

OutDaughtered: Defying Gravity and Denim Dilemmas

Interestingly, a few fans questioned the logistics of the stunt, asking how her pants managed to stay in place while she inverted herself. The answer was simple and practical – a denim bottom that wasn’t lightweight!

This spectacular post wasn’t just about a gravity-defying handstand, but also marked the return of the beloved Busby family to the small screen. Fans of the show OutDaughtered took to the comments section to express their excitement for the new season, adding to the joy of the moment.

Written by Lisa Lindsay

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