OutDaughtered: What Did The Doctor Tell Danielle?

OutDaughtered: What Did The Doctor Tell Danielle?

Danielle Busby has had some worrying health problems over the past year. So far, she has shared little with fans in search of answers. They continue to pray for her and wish her well, while worrying for her and her family. She recently shared more information about her health. In March, Danielle shared with her fans that she wasn’t sure what had been going on.

Danielle thought she had suffered a heart attack while going to the hospital. The hospitalization was in November, so it was a scary few months of not knowing what was going on.

In a new clip that will be released for an upcoming episode of Outdaughtered, Adam Busby shared, “the other day we learned there could be something wrong with Danielle’s heart.” He went on to say that they weren’t expecting it. Fans could hear the fear in Adam Busby’s voice as he spoke of receiving the news.

At a later meeting, they spoke to doctors about what might be wrong with the thirty-seven-year-old girl. Adam Busby said he usually doesn’t let his fear get the better of him. At the meeting, the doctors discussed the next steps to find out what they were dealing with.

OutDaughtered: What Did The Doctor Tell Danielle?

A doctor tells Danielle and Adam Busby that they think there might be a hole in her heart. She told doctors she was shocked by the news. She recalled that she was trying to remember everything they told her so she could pass it on later. Specialists tell the couple they will go into his throat with a probe to look at the heart. Adam Busby asked if they would have to operate on his chest, and the doctor said to take one thing at a time. Danielle Busby confessed in an exclusive clip to US Weekly that it’s very scary for her.

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