Outdaughtered Busby Fans Admire Hazel’s Heart

Outdaughtered Busby Fans Admire Hazel’s Heart

OutDaughtered spoilers and updates show that fans know that the Busby girls are friends and get along pretty well. Of course, all kids have moments where they don’t always see eye to eye. The Busbys have a nine-year-old daughter, Blayke, and five-year-old quintuplets, Riley Busby, Hazel Busby, Olivia Busby, Ava Busby and Parker Busby. The Busby girls are super sweet and Adam Busby and Danielle Busby are always happy to share the positive moments in their lives with fans. In a new series of photos, Adam proves that Hazel has amazing sisterhood skills. She was there for one of her sisters when she really needed her support.

On Instagram, Adam Busby shared some photos from Riley Busby’s recent visit to the dentist. Notably, Hazel Busby is in most of the photos. She’s standing right next to Riley Busby and holding his hand while his teeth are being cleaned and examined.

Hazel was also receiving dental work, but Riley was not holding her hand. Perhaps Hazel is a little more confident at the dentist. After the reception, Adam Busby took his girls to lunch. They enjoyed milkshakes and bar food to celebrate a successful visit to the dentist.

Outdaughtered Busby Fans Admire Hazel’s Heart

Of course, OutDaughtered fans can’t help but love these new photos. They’re leaving lots of lovely comments on the post and praising Hazel for being such a great sister to Riley.

They know that going to the dentist can be scary for anyone, but it’s especially hard for young children. So the fans are very happy that Riley felt more comfortable with his sister by his side. Fans are hoping to see more adorable photos of the Busby girls, but they’re especially happy to see Hazel. Many fans say she’s their favourite.

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