OutDaughtered Star Danielle’s Health Scare

OutDaughtered Star Danielle's Health Scare

TLC loves to focus on unique family dynamics and relationships with its true-life series. The Busbys have been a part of the TLC family since 2016, and fans have watched Adam Busby and Danielle Busby’s six beautiful daughters grow into unique young girls.

They are the parents of Blayke Louise, and the quintuplets Hazel Grace Busby, Ava Lane Busby, Olivia Marie Busby, Riley Paige Busby and Parker Kate Busby. While the heartwarming series takes us on a variety of family adventures, Season 8 will highlight Danielle’s mysterious medical condition. If you’re wondering what happened to the mother of six, we’re here to update you with everything we know!

OutDaughtered Star Danielle’s Health Scare

In November 2020, Danielle Busby was admitted to the emergency room complaining of “alarming sensations in her arms and legs”. Since then, she has been under the consultation of various doctors as they carried out tests to identify the root cause.

Danielle opened up about how she felt at the time of the disorder. She thought she was having a heart attack because she felt unbearable pain in her arm. A few months later in January 2021, Adam Busby updated fans that his wife will undergo some “invasive” tests as doctors are still trying to chart a course for her treatment. Danielle has consulted mainly a cardiologist and a rheumatologist.

Unfortunately, Danielle Busby’s pain has worsened over the months. The mother of six admitted that she often lives with migraine and neck pains that last pretty much all day. In addition, her hands ache, but the most frightening symptom is palpitations. In the ninth episode of the eighth season, the Busby couple learn that Danielle may have an atrial septal defect, a hole in her heart. She also had to undergo a test called a transesophageal echo.

Danielle Busby worried that if the results weren’t good, she might have to have heart surgery. To her great relief, she later found out that she would not need surgery. However, she would need to continue with a number of diagnostic tests as the symptoms persisted and still had no answers.

In an interview in March 2021, Danielle said she suspected that an autoimmune disease might be behind it. She is therefore doing everything she can to help her recovery by eating healthily and taking care of her mental health.

Her biggest motivation to overcome the whole ordeal is her family. She wants to make sure that Adam Busby and their daughters don’t have to worry about her. Danielle’s state of health is also the reason why she is not seen driving in recent episodes. It also raises the question: why does Danielle usually drive?

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