OutDaughtered: How Did Danielle Get Them Clean?

OutDaughtered: How Did Danielle Get Them Clean?

The OutDaughtered Busby family went wild and crazy as they enjoyed one last whore before the farewell party. What wild thing exactly did the Busby family do to go crazy? More importantly, what exactly did they say goodbye to?

On both Adam Busby and Danielle Busby’s profile and their Instagram stories, they shared one grand finale that the girls were able to enjoy with some of their friends. From the videos and photos, it was clear that the girls went crazy and made a big mess in the backyard.

Adam confessed on his Instagram Stories at the time that he thought his wife Danielle Busby was “brave” to let them enjoy such an activity. Danielle joked in the comments of Adam’s profile post about the wild and messy fun that everyone can thank her for being a fun mom, wife and Aunt DiDi.

It turns out that Danielle Busby made the decision to just let the girls and some of their friends run wild and crazy in the yard with paint. The girls, who were wearing swimsuits/wetsuits, engaged in a messy paint blast in the backyard. By the end of the fun activity, almost all the girls were covered from head to toe in paint.

OutDaughtered: How Did Danielle Get Them Clean?

Naturally, OutDaughtered fans will be amazed at how Danielle and Adam Busby managed to get the girls clean without dragging them inside and making a huge mess in the house. Danielle and Adam both showed videos on their Instagram stories of the girls flinging water hoses as they washed off the paint.

In the comments of her Instagram post, Danielle reassured her fans that the girls were having fun and it was very easy to get the paint back from the girls.

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