OutDaughtered: Danielle Gets Creative

OutDaughtered: Danielle Gets Creative

OutDaughtered’s Danielle Busby and the girls are always having some fun. And today’s fun was turning the playroom into a daycare center. The quints and big sister Blayke Busby were excited to have a whole row of cribs for their daycare center.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Gets Creative

When you have six girls like OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby did, you have to get creative. As you watch the different seasons, you’ll see Danielle come up with some pretty cool stuff for the girls. For example, they painted their playroom with tons of colors, and Blayke chose her paint color for her space too.

Danielle is good at putting together parties. And it is quite often when we see that she and her mother cast member of OutDaughtered Mimi Theriot get together to plan some party fun. With all the different holidays and, of course, the anniversary of the quints, you have to be a creative person to be a Busby child parent.

One of the times that required more creativity was when the quarantine came into effect. Everything went off and nobody knew what was going on. The girls could not go to school and were not very happy about it. Fortunately, Danielle and her husband, Adam, got together and did an amazing job to keep everyone busy.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Keeps Six Kids Busy

Speaking of six children, one of the best ways to do that is through imagination. It seems that the quints are using their imagination with Blayke and Danielle from OutDaughtered. They lined up all their cribs for a play day at the day care center. And it seems that one of the quints thinks that mommy really needs coffee.

The OutDaughtered sisters probably like the fake kindergarten because it’s similar to what they experienced. Sometimes their house looks like a nursery because there are so many children in it. It’s really nice to see how well the girls play together. And it looks like mommy had some fun with the girls too.

After their first RV trip and all their other adventures, they are probably glad to be back home. There is something about being back with all their toys. And they seem to be taking advantage of it.

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