OutDaughtered: Adam Avoided Last Doctor Visit Like This

OutDaughtered: Adam Avoided Last Doctor Visit Like This

OutDaughtered’s Adam Busby took the twins for a doctor’s appointment. So, what happened to them? The good news is it was nothing worrying – just a routine appointment at the dentist. They had to have their teeth cleaned – so it was a dentist, not a problem requiring a pediatrician. And because these two have a special bond, it makes sense that they would go together.

OutDaughtered: Adam Avoided Last Doctor Visit Like This

When the quints turned two, Danielle Busby had her first visit to the dentist. Since Riley Busby is the loudest of the tribe, Danielle took her solo. And two friends from the church helped Danielle with the other four children.

Since Adam Busby from OutDaughtered had to work that day, he didn’t have to accompany her. Adam said it was a “first” event he didn’t mind missing. This is different from when Adam was sad not to see Hazel take her first 20 steps.

Now, it seems that all the girls are much calmer. and ‘OutDaughtered’ stars Adam and Danielle Busby found out one day that it was much easier not to take all their quints to the dentist.

Adam Busby of OutDaughtered asked Ava Busby and Olivia Busby who did the best job at booking. They both said that they were the best. However, it appeared that both of them were champions in their promises.

In fact, the two twins stayed put for the x-ray. They didn’t seem to fuss or complain. The girls even got to pick something out of the treasure chest for good at the dentist. They got slapped wristbands in fun colors and patterns.

One of the girls from OutDaughtered even got to use the chocolate toothpaste during her teeth cleaning. She said it tasted good. All in all, it looks like Adam taking them to their dentist visits was a success and there was no fuss from his twins.

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