OutDaughtered: Adam Looks Stylish As He Heads Out To Shop

OutDaughtered: Adam Looks Stylish As He Heads Out To Shop

Adam Busby went to Instagram yesterday to announce that he was going to the Christmas store for all seven of his girls. Many OutDaughtered fans chose to keep things simple and wished him well. One individual felt inspired by The Hunger Games and joked “may the opportunity ever be to his advantage”. One fan, however, reminded him not to forget to buy something for his “little boy” to enjoy.

OutDaughtered: Adam Looks Stylish As He Heads Out To Shop

OutDaughtered fans couldn’t help noticing how stylish Adam Busby looked on his way to the store for all seven of his girls. He rocked with a dark blue BYLT drop-cut sweater and matching weekend mulligan. He had one hand pushed into his hooded pocket while the other hand hung against his thigh and rested.

The father of six had a serious look on his face when he went outside to do some serious shopping. OutDaughtered fans can only wonder what fun things he would pick up for the quints, Blayke, and his beautiful wife Danielle Busby.

Now, Adam Busby made it clear that he was on his way to go shopping for all seven of his girls. However, an OutDaughtered fan soon drew attention to the fact that he forgot a very special member of the family. His beautiful little boy. If you don’t follow the family closely, you might scratch your head. Everyone knows that Adam has all-female fifths, older sister Blayke Busby, and his beautiful wife Danielle. Have they recently adopted a boy? Well, no.

But Adam is not the only man in the household. He’s got a little backup. So, who’s the little boy the fan is referring to? Well, it’s the family dog. Beaux Busby.

As those who follow the series know, Adam picked up the French Bulldog as a gift for the girl’s fourth birthday. Adam and his wife Danielle Busby even made an Instagram account for their little boy in April 2019.

Beaux Busby’s Instagram account has not been active since May this year. But their beloved little boy appears regularly on photos and videos on their various other Instagram accounts.

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