OutDaughtered: Adam Reveals New Episodes of ‘OutDaughtered’

OutDaughtered: Adam Reveals New Episodes of 'OutDaughtered'

OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby shared a post on Instagram that strongly hinted at filming for a new season of the show. Also, he confirmed that they shot other episodes, so it seems like a continuation of the season just ended. The last season was interrupted due to the coronavirus, so fans have only seen four episodes.

OutDaughtered: Adam Reveals New Episodes of ‘OutDaughtered’

We reported that the photo that Adam Busby shared with Lulu, the quintessential Lulu standing in front of a cameraman, strongly hinted at a new season. However, he also confirmed that they have made some movies and it seems that Season 7 may have just taken a break.

In a recent post on Instagram, he said they are shooting more because fans loved last season. Recall that the family filmed their last episode as the production left during the quarantine. The fans had so much fun that they are clamoring for more.

InTouch Weekly noticed that Adam talked more about the shooting. He told his stories on Instagram. Adam said everyone felt bad about the end of the show so early. But enthusiastic “feedback” encouraged them and now they’re working on more filming. One of the reasons why the filming stopped seemed to be that they were worried about the backlash and issues surrounding COVID-19. But whatever happened, the fans can’t wait to see more episodes. Hopefully, very soon.

An OutDaughtered fan suggested in Adam’s post on Lulu: “I thought the episode you filmed was great. Would that be an option?” Well, it sounds like they consider it an option. Maybe, they’re even using the production crew for a part of it.

Presumably, they follow the guidelines of COVID-19 if that happens. But really, the fans don’t care how they do it. They’re eagerly awaiting more quintals and Blayke. In fact, fans also love to see Uncle Dale and the other extended family.

In particular, last season brought far less toxicity between Adam and Danielle Busby. Fans and critics have started comparing them to Jon and Kate Gosselin’s Jon and Kate Plus 8. Adam hated editing, so the family took a break. That meant a delay, so when the new season came, people flocked to watch it. But, cut short after just four episodes, many OutDaughtered fans felt deprived of their “happy” fix.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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