Sister Wives: Christine Brown In Love With The Sunset

Sister Wives: Christine Brown In Love With The Sunset

Speculation about the family of Sister Wives moving to Coyote Pass has been on the Internet for some time now. Christine recently posted photos of her and her daughters at sunset. It looks like Janelle was gushing about her Sister Wife while complimenting Christine Brown.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown In Love With The Sunset

In the caption, Christine Brown made it clear that she was in love with the sunset. It was cold, but the mother and three daughters were relaxing. Janelle expressed her thoughts on the painting in which Christine Brown was gushing. She thought it was great in every possible way.

On Monday, Meri Brown posted a photo of the Coyote Pass land, suggesting that construction has not begun. Before that, Kody Brown was going to choose Cottonwood to build his family’s houses. However, he chose Coyote Pass because there’s a lot of green with little or no restrictions.

From what looks like Christine Brown still lives on her old property. She planned to put a door to her house since the upstairs area is more like a big loft.

However, they didn’t find what they were looking for in the hardware store. So, Kody Brown and his third wife ordered it online. She called it a home depot date.

No matter how much discussion the Brown family has, the decision can always change at the last moment. When Kody got the idea to move the whole family to Flagstaff, he wanted them all to live in the same house.

He suggested that they could all have their own bedroom and personal space without having to share it with another wife. However, not all brown women could bear the idea of living under the same roof as their Sister Wife, especially Christine Brown. She couldn’t bear to see Kody go out with another wife.

The third wife was so exasperated by not living with her co-owners that it caused Kody Brown a lot of inconvenience. It was more like a situation he wasn’t used to, his wives didn’t obey him. We know he wants to be the alpha under all circumstances! However, Christine did not give in on her decision.

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