OutDaughtered: Fans Are Wondering Where Riley Busby Is

OutDaughtered: Fans Are Wondering Where Riley Busby Is

OutDaughtered fans love that Adam and Danielle Busby share so much of their lives on social media. The couple don’t hesitate to post updates on their lives with their six daughters – Ava, Hazel, Parker, Riley and Olivia, aged 5, plus Blayke, aged 9. They also regularly interact with their fans, answering questions and sharing news about what’s happening on their reality show TLC.

So when Adam Busby recently shared some photos of the backstage dresses from the family’s Graeson Bee clothing line, it’s no wonder people noticed one of the girls missing.

OutDaughtered: Fans Are Wondering Where Riley Busby Is

On July 12th and 13th Adam Busby shared some pictures of a couple of girls who were modeling for the new items in the family boutique. But one fan had a question: Where was Riley Busby?

Adam Busby was quick to answer the question about Riley, explaining that he and his wife let their children decide for themselves when they wanted to be photographed.

“We don’t let our kids take pictures if they don’t want to,” wrote the 38-year-old. “If Riley said she didn’t want to take a picture that day, she didn’t have to.”

“It’s always their choice and it’s not because we prefer one child to another (as much as the fan stories love to beat us for it every time there’s a new launch…),” he added.

In another comment, Adam Busby continued to share his thoughts on fan stories. One person wrote that “the fan pages would be nicer for you if you interacted with them once in a while. But the father of six said interacting with the fan pages on social media only caused a drama.

“It’s really exhausting having to read it every few months,” he wrote, explaining that some fans seem to manage multiple accounts. “They’re nice to us on one account and then they constantly attack us for favoritism or ‘hating a child’ because we haven’t posted a picture of him as often as you’d like, so you don’t have any new content.

He also explained that when he interacts with a fan account appreciating a photo, the result is a flood of “needy comments and DM from 20 other accounts”.

“Then they spam our accounts and harass us,” he said. The solution, Adam wrote, was to “not engage”.

“Nothing is ever good enough,” he concluded. “It’s all a competition for followers on their fan pages… we just choose to avoid drama.” We’ll block accounts that want to be negative and spam will spread the hate. It’s our children and our [choice] to do it”.

Written by Lauren Rottman

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  1. In the first place no one has the right to say or demand what should be shown on TV. As for me i love the show and have much respect for all of them (production crew included)

  2. Well said, Adam. When I get to come out to Texas to find a sister I have never got to meet yet I am going to come by The Boutique that your families got. I love this show very much. For the ppl that shows any type of bullying, hate, and have a sad life should never beeeeee able to have accounts.

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