OutDaughtered: Adam Shares Progress

OutDaughtered: Adam Shares Progress

OutDaughtered’s Danielle Busby and Adam Busby’s house renovation is almost complete. During the renovation of the house, Adam, Danielle and the children often had to leave the house. But now it is almost time to move back in.

OutDaughtered: Adam Shares Progress

Adam reported that they are making good progress with the renovation of their house. The OutDaughtered dad said they are about three quarters of the way from the finish line with this project. And they have a lot of walking through the process.

During the renovation Adam, Danielle and the girls had to leave the house. If the builders are doing parts of the project, they cannot have people in the house. But it seems that it has almost come to an end.

Adam Busby said they are almost at the part where there won’t be so much dust. Since that’s the case, they’re bringing in some furniture. Adam says he wants to make it livable again.

Adam ran off to get some cleaning supplies, and Danielle and Blayke Busby took fans of OutDaughtered behind the scenes. Everyone loves their beautiful new home design. The house looks a lot different than when they started structurally and decoratively.

Danielle Busby said their latest design was a farm industrial, but this time they are going with a modern farm design. And they put in all the bells and whistles. One of the whistles is the touchless sink faucet Blayke liked to flaunt.

Another nice detail of the sink is the gold-plated sink stopper. And OutDaughtered star Danielle also said she gave in to installing a pot filler for Adam’s father’s day present. Adam said he wanted a pot filler for his coffee bar and he got it.

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  1. When the show first came on Adam was concerned about buying their 2nd house, they started the cycle business, he was worried about putting money into it,
    now they’ve sold it. Now they have bought this huge house that they didn’t need. I thought they were only remodeling the kitchen, I believe now it’s going to be all of downstairs!! I bet they buy new furniture.
    The Bates family DONT spend money like the Busbys do.
    I’m wondering if Adam is still working with the company in Dallas, I just have a feeling that he doesn’t. I may be wrong. I’m tired of them!! They’ve been on too long!!!!!!!!!

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