OutDaughtered: TLC’s Adam Protects Children

OutDaughtered: TLC’s Adam Protects Children

Adam Busby from OutDaughtered always seemed to be a happy person. But in one season he struggled with depression, but didn’t tell anyone about it at first. Adam started to behave differently, and it caused problems in his life.

Eventually he did tell his wife, Danielle Busby, and they worked together to make the OutDaughtered daddy healthy again. In fact, Danielle Busby and Adam Busby even flew to Nashville, TN to meet a pastor for help. Unfortunately, that same pastor died about a year later by suicide after helping Adam.

Adam from OutDaughtered tries to do his part to help people struggling with these problems. Not only that, Adam also finds other causes he helps with. Recently he called on people to help and donate during Giving Tuesday for a special purpose.

OutDaughtered: TLC’s Adam Protects Children

OutDaughtered father, Adam, shared a cute picture of three of his daughters reading. He said he encourages people to give to a charity that helps protect children. The books they read had art of children going through difficult situations.

Watchers of OutDaughtered said Adam is “a light at such a confusing time.” Other viewers applauded him for his efforts to help others in the world. With three daughters, it makes sense that Adam would want to do his best to protect others like his daughters.

OutDaughtered viewers said he and his family should be proud. And others thanked him for being there for them on television when they were struggling. Others said the three girls in the pictures together were cute to read.

After Adam treated his problems with depression, OutDaughtered fans were happy to see him happy again. Adam quit his job and is now working on marketing from home. The transition was a bit difficult in the beginning, but now he is in a bit of a mess.

Written by Emma Fisher

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