OutDaughtered: Adam Staying Out of The Way?

OutDaughtered: Adam Staying Out of The Way?

OutDaughtered’s Adam Busby has been getting himself into trouble lately. Who knew a renovation could be so painful? If anyone knows, it’s Adam Busby now.

OutDaughtered: Adam Staying Out of the Way?

A significant reason why Adam Busby and his family are so on the move lately is due to their restructuring. They are extensively renovating their house, so they are leaving while work is in progress. The plan is to open it up and make it more livable for their big family.

Adam Busby’s wife, Danielle Busby, recently stated that the flooring has been completed. And she also showed us their temporary outdoor kitchen that they use while theirs is in pieces. The Busbys at OutDaughtered are doing their best to stay out of the way – and out of trouble – while the contractors are working.

Also, Adam Busby said that the reason the OutDaughtered family didn’t film their home is because of the entire construction. Instead, they went out and had some pretty amazing adventures.

After the last season of being abruptly stopped, things are back on track. We learned not too long ago that the TLC series OutDaughtered has already started shooting and maybe even wrapped up filming for the new season. Adam said in addition to remodeling the house, he wasn’t able to make videos for their blog – because they were recording the show.

And because of the quarantine of the last few months, part of the new season can be filmed itself. Fans of the OutDaughtered cast are excited to see them on television again with their many adventures. After all, they have been on their first camper trip, to the beach and other exciting trips.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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