OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Claps Back At The Hater With Explanation

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Claps Back At The Hater With Explanation OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Claps Back At The Hater With Explanation

OutDaughtered celeb Adam is a very media friendly positive personality. He is usually very cheerful and continues to update his fans with all the progress. However, he is also an expert at applauding haters. Recently, he overshadowed a follower after they banged him for his cameo prices. It is worth noting that Adam Busby did not hesitate even a little bit before admitting the truth. Call it being rude or honest; the reality TV star has shut his mouth in his own style. .

Adam Busby shared a picture of his daughter about to jump in the pool on Instagram. A follower went into the comment section and asked him for the cameo fee. They were clearly disappointed with his position and wanted an explanation.

However, Adam Busby was not reluctant to respond to this particular negative answer. He said openly that there is a reason why he is asking $100 to deliver a personalized message to fans.

The follower wrote that there is a reason Adam Busby charges a fee of up to $100. He also explained that most of the fandom of the show belongs to young children. How are they supposed to organize such a high fee as Adam’s cameo? The follower also suggested that Adam Busby should reduce the fee by at least half. They didn’t stop there. They also said that the fandom is a big fan of the Busby girls and that Adam is clearly taking advantage of it. His high charge goes beyond the follower, they said.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Claps Back At The Hater With Explanation

Adam Busby had none of this. He responded by saying it was a case of supply and demand. He also added that it is also about what his extremely busy schedule allows him to do. Adam explained that if he cut prices, he would not physically be able to keep up with the number of requests in the six-day time window. According to him, he has increased rates to meet limited requests in a day. After all, millions of people follow the Busby family and cannot satisfy everyone.

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  1. Adam Busby as is the whole Busby clan, are just full of themselves. His excuse is, pardon my French, BS. He thrives off haters, he loves the attention, good or bad, he could just ignore it but, instead feeds it like his narcissistic ego demands. If you’re not praising him & his family like their some type of “ Golden gods”, you’re a hater, He’s such a drama queen.

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