OutDaughtered: Crystal Cries Over Sister Danielle’s Mystery Illness

OutDaughtered: Crystal Cries Over Sister Danielle’s Mystery Illness

TLC’s unique show OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby has been facing some serious health since the past few years. Lately, she has become quite vocal about the pain she is experiencing.

However, the family is yet to find out what is really going on with the mother of six. Well, after numerous tests, doctors are still unable to diagnose the illness. So the mysterious illness is now making her whole family and fan base worry.

In fact, Danielle Busby’s sister Crystal recently spoke about how scared she is for her sister and even ended up crying because of it. Now fans are wondering whether Danielle Busby’s illness is something very serious or not.

OutDaughtered: Crystal Cries Over Sister Danielle’s Mystery Illness

Danielle Busbys growing health problems have frightened everyone who loves her. Her husband, Adam Busby, was quite worried about his wife and has been quite supportive throughout. On the other hand, Danielle’s sister Crystal Mills also showed concern about her sister’s health.

In an exclusive Us Weekly insight, Danielle Busby talks about her new venture. She’s expanded her offline store into an offline shop and hopes all goes well. Busby’s mum’s sisters came to her shop to help her and did everything they could to make her job easier.

Crystal also talks about how depressing and sad it is to watch her sister hurt. Danielle Busby’s family didn’t even know she was in pain the whole time until she sat down to tell them all. On the other hand, Aunt Kiki also talks about how Danielle Busby’s pregnancies could be the cause of her mysterious illness. She gave birth after her eldest daughter Blayke was five, which can be hard on a woman’s body.

Many things in her body may have physically changed afterwards. As well as the pains Danielle is in, her family is disturbed and frightened that the disease has still not been diagnosed. Crystal was very sad when she spoke about her sister and is genuinely worried about her, as are all her loved ones.

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