OutDaughtered: Why Does Riley Busby Have Her Own Bedroom?

OutDaughtered: Why Does Riley Busby Have Her Own Bedroom?

If you’ve watched a single episode of OutDaughtered, you’ll know that for some reason, Riley Busby has something the other five don’t: her own bedroom. With sisters Hazel and Parker sharing one bedroom and Ava and Olivia Busby sharing another, the fifth, Riley, has his own room.

Of course, the girls are all still quite young, so this arrangement works well, but what happens when they all grow up and start needing more space? why was Riley chosen as the only quint to be given her own room from the beginning?

OutDaughtered: Why Does Riley Busby Have Her Own Bedroom?

It may seem unfair that Riley Busby was chosen for one bedroom for no reason, but that was not the case. Apparently the reason Riley sleeps alone is because she simply wakes up much earlier than her sisters.

If she were to share a room with any of them, her habit of waking up early would disturb the others. That’s why Danielle Busby and Adam Busby decided that their daughter needed her own space to wake up as early as she liked. Interestingly, Riley’s original reason for giving her her own room was that she tended to sleep much longer than her siblings. So when they woke up, they disturbed his sleep and Riley Busby was upset for the day.

Whether he wakes early or sleeps late, Riley’s unconventional sleep patterns clearly benefited her in the long run, as she is the only quintuple who still has her own room. However, a new variable has emerged that could change the configuration of the Busby household bedroom once again.

Even though Riley is the only quintuple with his own space, he hasn’t seemed to particularly like it lately. In one episode of OutDaughtered, Adam Busby and Danielle Busby consistently caught their troublesome sleeper sneaking into one of their sister’s rooms to sleep.

When asked why he was leaving his bedroom, Riley confessed that he’s been having some pretty serious nightmares and feels more comfortable around his sisters. Riley’s heightened concern about sleeping alone now represents an interesting dynamic shift for his parents. The couple are carefully trying to figure out how to mediate her problems without reawakening the ones that originally went wrong by putting her in her own room.

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