OutDaughtered: Cooking Technique Explained by Adam Busby

OutDaughtered: Cooking Technique Explained by Adam Busby

OutDaughtered fans know that Danielle Busby has converted part of her patio into an outdoor dining area. They’ve been through months of renovations. And she finally got a temporary sink out there. The family has gone semi-outdoors with taste. Actually, summer seemed like a pretty fun time. Now, Adam Busby bought himself a nice little disc cooker for his barbecue. So, he and Parker went shopping together for breakfast ingredients.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Adam Busby shared some footage of him going to the shops with Parker. He revealed that they were wearing face masks. Matching colors, he said they bought special ones for the kids. Busby’s got some criticism for not using them before.

But now, with the rise of the virus in Texas, they use them more often. Parker seemed happy to go out with her dad. Fans of the TLC show know she and Adam Busby have a very close relationship. And Danielle calls her “daddy’s girl.”

Adam Busby never shared any pictures of them in the store. But when he came home, he said they were planning to cook a huge breakfast. He listed the hashbrowns, the eggs, the cookies and the bacon. Sounds like a fun Sunday morning activity.

In his clips, Outdaughtered’s father did the barbecue heating process. And, uh, it seemed like a really nice setting. In the background, the pool looked blue and shiny. He said he was going to bake the cookies first. That’s because it takes longer to bake them.

OutDaughtered: Cooking Technique Explained by Adam Busby

Adam Busby seems to be quite adept at outdoor cooking. He explained that he puts butter on the plate. Then he browns the first ingredients for a while. Then, he pushes them further away and puts the next ingredient. This means he ends up keeping everything warm while the next ingredient cooks. So, after the cookies, he bakes the bacon, then the hashbrowns, and finally the eggs.

While using it for the first time, Adam Busby learned that the three areas on the stove seem very important. If you leave the ingredients in the middle of the pot too long, they tend to burn. So when it came to the eggs, he lowered the fire to medium heat. OutDaughtered’s dad said that the best thing he cooked seemed to be the hashbrowns. They absorbed everything, the taste of bacon. Then he cooked a huge pile of scrambled eggs that looked really delicious.

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