OutDaughtered: Hazel Burst Parker Kate Busby’s Bubble

OutDaughtered: Hazel Burst Parker Kate Busby’s Bubble

OutDaughtered fans love to see how Parker blossoms into a beautiful personality. Remember, not long ago, she always seemed so unhappy and anxious. But the quintessence comes more and more out of her shyness these days. Every quintessence has a different personality, which Adam and Danielle Busby have been careful to cultivate. Hazel is pretty, but not beyond the devious. And on Tuesday, she burst Parker’s bubble.

We reported that Parker Busby was suffering from anxiety, and Adam and Danielle Busby took her to an occupational therapist. Her anxiety seemed painful, even for the fans. With Adam Busby’s help, she’s slowly improving and looking much better these days.

In fact, while Parker could be a “daddy’s girl,” she melted Danielle Busby’s heart when she called her mother her best friend. We reported that Danielle Busby said on Instagram: “For a split second my PK told me she was MY best friend … has warmed my heart so much… even though she followed it up with a “dad too”… she still stole my heart!

OutDaughtered fans know that other quintals have never made special exceptions for Parker. In fact, kids can be brutal sometimes. Riley in particular comes across as a bit of a “boss.” In fact, a few years ago, TLC broadcasted a segment that showed Riley wasn’t afraid to become super boss and almost bully her siblings. And, to this day, Adam has labeled her “baby boss.” But, it looks like Hazel Busby won’t tiptoe around her sister Parker, even when she’s proud of her own achievements.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Burst Parker Kate Busby’s Bubble

Adam illustrated that Parker is proud of her accomplishments. And that Hazel is more than capable of bringing her down. She shared a picture of Parker in the bathtub. The TLC star called it, “Parker’s favorite thing during bath time is to make big bubbles with your hands. And He added, ” She gets a little over-eager and[drains] a soap container if we aren’t paying attention though.” Her father noticed her pride when she makes a huge bubble.

OutDaughtered’s father was hoping for a picture of her success. But, he wrote, “Hazel blew it up” before he took “a picture for her”. One follower noticed, “Hazel!!!!! Bubble burster.” A few more faces sad about Parker’s bubble burst. One said, “Awwwww!” However, she made another one, not so big, and he took a picture of it.

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