Sister Wives: Celeb Janelle Shares First Impression of Robyn

Sister Wives: Celeb Janelle Shares First Impression of Robyn

Sister Wives star Janelle married Kody Brown about 20 years before the name Robyn Brown came into the family. So, Janelle Brown, like Meri Brown and Christine Brown, became quite obsessed with her ways. They had a few decades of habits within this Sister Wives family when Robyn Brown arrived.

Sister Wives: Celeb Janelle Shares First Impression of Robyn

The adult Sister Wives talked about jealousy between them in one of the first seasons of the TLC series. It was obvious to fans that the green-eyed monster would pop up from time to time. Yet, the four wives originally belittled that natural emotion.

It was during the third season of Sister Wives, when Janelle Brown and her three twin wives really opened up in front of the cameras. At that point, Sister Wives viewers saw a lot of shots of Kody Brown following his new bride as a teenager in love.

Comments from the Sister Wives social media sites indicated that fans had had enough of Kody Brown’s teenage actions. They also wanted to know why the other three wives don’t want to admit jealousy caught on screen.

So, all four wives have admitted that some of the other wives tend to “scare” them. They said they don’t like to think about other wives sleeping in their beds with their shared husbands. That’s why they don’t go into the sacred space in each wife’s bedroom.

Veterans’ fans may remember what happened when they visited the bedrooms during one of the previous seasons. Something KodyBrown left on Robyn Brown’s bedside table seems to really scare the other wives.

Some comments from the Sister Wives of the fans in 2011 criticized the interaction between all four wives. Fans suggested that the three older wives might say they had adapted to a fourth wife, but their actions said something different. But in the end, the mystery was faced by Kody’s wives.

Viewers have learned that there is one thing that occasionally comes up that serves as a great reminder to every wife who shares a husband. Each new pregnancy reminds the other wives that they are not the only ones Kody shares a bed with.

It was hard on the other wives when Robyn Brown announced she was having a baby. To date, there have been 18 times in the Sister Wives world that wives have been reminded of Kody’s nighttime activities. But since Robyn Brown was brand new, that bite probably stung a little more than the others.

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