Sister Wives: Christine Off The Grid

Sister Wives: Christine Off The Grid

Sister Wives star Christine Brown takes a very long break from the social media. Of all four Kody wives, Christine is the most active online.. Between her off the cuff videos and her online clothing company, rarely a day goes by that fans don’t hear from Christine Brown. But that all changes for the real star.

Sister Wives: Christine Off The Grid

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown takes a step back from the internet. Not only does she take a break from her messages, but she also takes a “vacation” from her online clothing company that sells LuLaRoe. Most of Christine Brown’s sales of LLR come directly from her Live sales events. So with her absence from social services scheduled for later this month, she also takes a huge hit on her income.

Sister Wives’ mom is in huge medical debt after her daughter, Truly Brown, was hospitalized a few years ago. Christine had to raise a lot of money for a deductible amount for another child’s upcoming surgery. So it is rather strange that she takes this break from her business when finances are so tight for her. Christine Brown claims that she can’t reveal more details about why she’s in the dark. However, it’s not hard for the fans to figure out what’s going on.

Sister Wives fans don’t buy Christine’s explanation. Most of them feel that there is more to her free time than just a vacation. What exactly is Christine Brown planning to do with all that free time? Well, most suspects are going to North Carolina for a few weeks. Remember Janelle Brown’s granddaughter Evie Brush, who recently had surgery. So first for Christine Brown is a trip to help Maddie Brown Brush with her two children.

Next, Sister Wives’ alum Christine will play her daughter’s nurse Ysabel Brown.. The buzz is that Ysabel will have her long-awaited scoliosis surgery at the end of the month. So she will need her mother’s full attention as she recovers. Since Christine Brown recently mentioned that she needed money for a medical procedure and that she couldn’t talk about it because of an NDA (confidentiality agreement), it is pretty clear that this is Ysabel’s surgery. The next season of Sister Wives is filming. So TLC’s camera will be close to filming footage of this on the air when the next season returns.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist


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