Sister Wives: Christine’s Business Venture

Sister Wives: Christine’s Business Venture

Sister Wives’ spoilers say that Christine Brown can add makeup to her CV. In the midst of all the pandemic drama, Sister Wives Christine is trying to make more money and is now a seller of makeup.

For fans of Sister Wives at TLC, you know that the Brown family has some trouble with money. Christine started selling makeup on Instagram this week and her followers say she looks more desperate than ever. All this pushing is to help her daughter pay for an operation she needs.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown’s daughter Ysabel Brown needs a very expensive surgery. She has scoliosis and it will cost up to $50,000 to have it done. In July, Sister Wives fans saw Christine asking in full for donations for her daughter’s surgery. We are not sure how much she has earned, but it was clearly not enough to help as she is now messing with mascara.

Sister Wives: Christine’s Business Venture

Christine of Sister Wives recently filed CBrown Quest, LLC in Arizona and it seems that her company has no clear mission or purpose. It seems that this company will promote her makeup online.

Kody’s third wife has published a video in which she applies mascara to her eyelashes. “I am selling this entirely because I am in love with it. Follow the link, you can store from anywhere so easily”.

Christine recently took all her children to New York, where Ysabel Brown started the surgery process. Guess who was nowhere to be found? That’s right, Kody Brown. Sister Wives fans think he’s still in quarantine with Robyn Brown because he’s already shown how she’s his favorite woman.

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