Sister Wives: Tough Integration For Robyn Into Family

Sister Wives: Tough Integration For Robyn Into Family

Sister Wives celeb Robyn didn’t make a smooth landing for Janelle, who admits that she behaved a bit cheeky towards her newest co-wife. Of Kody Brown’s three older wives, most fans would imagine that Janelle Brown would do her best to welcome Robyn Brown into the family. If you did, you were wrong. The second wife of this family admits that she wasn’t very nice sometimes.

Sister Wives: Tough Integration For Robyn Into Family

So much water has gone under the bridge for the Sister Wives tribe since they first graced the TV screen. But Janelle Brown remembers the time when Robyn Brown first became another Mrs. Kody Brown.

Sister Wives followers love Janelle for many reasons. The same goes for her kindness. During the last decade of the Sister Wives seasons, you didn’t see her emotions deviate much. She functions pretty much in her typical even way.

The other three women of Sister Wives demonstrated peaks and troughs of emotion. This includes Robyn Brown. But Janelle Brown really didn’t do it and her stability really stuck for the fans. If she was worried about something, you knew there was a good reason.

By the time Kody Brown brought Robyn Brown into the family, his three wives had been together for a long time. Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle had been together for 16 years when Robyn Brown came on board. After this time together they were about ready for a change.

Janelle Brown remembers how hard Robyn tried to make a friend of her. But the older woman saw the rhythm of the family disturbed by this younger woman. So she wasn’t about to embrace her new husband. She locked her out of a friendship mode.

Janelle Brown then compared the feeling with something strange. She said she felt like she was “wearing her shoes on the wrong feet”. That’s how she described her thoughts with another woman in the mix. But Robyn Brown did what she could to seduce the mother of six to warm herself up.

Even though Janelle did not give in to her kind deeds, Robyn Brown persevered. The brand new woman in the household of Sister Wives kept her offer.

Janelle Brown said that Robyn would bring her children little trinkets. She would offer “just because the gifts” to her fellow wife’s brood of six. Some items symbolized the family for Sister Wives’ children. It sounded as if Robyn Brown paid a lot of attention to this.

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