Sister Wives: Robyn a Team Player?

Sister Wives: Robyn a Team Player?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown sounds like she has joined this family with visions of life with four best friends and a man for eternity. When you hear Robyn talk on the screen of the TLC reality series she describes how she didn’t just marry Kody Brown. She married a family, but it seems she did it a little differently from her fellow wives.

Sister Wives: Robyn a Team Player?

Robyn Browns’ concern was to become one of the Sister Wives women and adapt. She made it clear that she wanted a clear path next to Kody’s three wives who made their journey through life and then all the way to the afterlife with Kody Brown. The idea that the adults of the Sister Wives are eternally together is based on faith. The brown patriarch occasionally mentions it on the show.

Kody Brown was head over heels in love with Robyn when they first courted. Robyn had some ideas about how she wanted to start her life with her new common man.

It seems that she wasn’t just interested in sisterhood, which is the case with other women who enter into multiple marriages. Robyn shared these thoughts in a book she wrote with Kody and her co-wives.

When Janelle Brown married Kody Brown, she was not worried about romance and fireworks. There was no mention of what she wrote about her first year of her Sister Wives marriage.

Both she and Christine Brown came into the family with their relationships with the other women in mind. While Christine was quite beaten by Kody, she didn’t get much time to spend alone with him. Neither did Janelle. Meri Brown was different, she had Kody Brown all to herself for three years before their marriage became plural.

Both the second and third wives of the Sister Wives tribe felt a little strange for Kody Brown when they first married. They used this time to familiarize themselves with a life with their co-wives.

Robyn said that the Sister Wives co-wives were an important part of this marriage for her. But Robyn made her decision, so she resolutely embarked on Kody’s romance. Being a good co-wife was not enough. She wanted to share Kody’s love in a romantic way and she wanted fireworks. Her honeymoon, which lasted 10 days, was her time to explore this new intimacy with Kody. Until then, all they had shared was a kiss.

It seems that Robyn only wanted something every new wife would want, romance with their husband. However, she was in a multiple marriage now with three other women waiting at home for her arrival with their husbands in tow.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Robyn,is a selfish woman,she just thinks about her self,she’s not a team player,she just wants Kody,to herself. We don’t like her.

  2. Robyn, does not do anything as a team player unless you are part of team Robyn and everything selfish that is Robyn. First she takes the legal wife title from Meri so her kids could be adopted by Kody, which hurt Meri but she did it because of the kids Robyn just wanted that title. Then she has to whole family move to Arizona so that her oldest son could be home and go to college she had to be right there, so the entire family had to be uprooted just so she was close to her son screw what the other kids or other wives wanted as long as she got her way. So I cannot stand Robyn and no she is not a team player

  3. I think Robin was nice at first, but now its obviously she came into the family with a plan.She made friends with Meri to keep her on side, slowly but surely she got between Meri and Kody, Christine is a spoiled grone up brat, and gets her own way all the time, and she’s a manipulator especially where janel is concerned, I like Meri she should stand up to them, it’s so obvious that the arrogant Kody has no feeling for her and treats her badly,

  4. Hi when Robyn came into the family the whole family started to fall apart and when people get into this sort of life style someone gets hurt and since the program been showing they are showing a not very happy family and a lot of back biting and they are not showing what real family is like and gives the man of the house a free rain to do whatever he wants and never feel guilty and can just get rid when he want sad man x

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