Sister Wives: Janelle Opens Up On Social Media

Sister Wives: Janelle Opens Up On Social Media

Sister Wives’ spoilers there is a lot going on in our world right now and a subject of discussion among many people is wearing a mask. Janelle Brown is no stranger to starting conversations and at her most recent Instagram post she really got some people talking.

The post was about her garden and the herbs and food she likes to cook. She made a post about garlic and it really got her fans going.

Janelle Brown shared a post and called it “eating a heavy garlic lunch”. She said that the smell of garlic comes to her when she puts the mask on to go out, but she loves to eat heavy garlic meals.

She said she would add to her list to buy breath mints, but many of her followers told her that she shouldn’t eat mint and wear a mask. Why not? What did they tell her?

Sister Wives: Janelle Opens Up On Social Media

A fan wrote, “PSA those mints… not the mask. It’s a real tearjerker if you do. My dermatologist thought I was having a nervous breakdown until I explained it to him.” Another one wrote, “Beware of strong mints in masks! Your eyes get too wet!”

Things got hot, though. A follower wrote: “I have been exposed every day by someone who lives in my house and takes care of the few patients in the hospital. It’s a joke. A way to control people. Ya ppl die but they are elderly and at higher risk (add that they are high risk and that I spent some time in the hospital this month) I did a covidi test and no. In 2018 more women than this garbage died in childbirth”. This also started a completely new conversation.

Janelle Brown’s fans posted to respond to the only fan. They followed with, “you people really listen to what the trump says, don’t you? The Republicans also said to wear a mask. But you boo… keep traveling without a mask! It looks like the topic of masks will forever be what drives people to push buttons, but we’re glad Janelle Brown is showing her support in wearing one when she goes out and does things in public.

Written by Lauren Rottman

Reality TV Writer
Lauren Rottman joined the theworldnewsdaily team in 2020.


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